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Mother Who Earns Rs 90 per day Struggles All Alone To Save Her 10-year-old From Heart Disease

"For many years, I believed that my daughter's heart disease would heal with just medicines but it only became worse. I have been running to all the health camps in our village and closer by villages, asking if they can do heart surgery for free of cost. I have seen ads for free heart surgery, but I did not get help from anyone. Now I can't delay further but with just Rs 90 per day as income, how can I afford the surgery?" - Vadivukarasi, Mother.

Vishalini did not have a normal childhood, she was hospitalized frequently

Vishalini was a seemingly healthy child when she was born. When she turned 7 months old, she had a severe cold for weeks despite taking medicines. Vadivukarasi took her to a private hospital and found out that she has a hole in her heart but doctors suggested that there are possibilities that it would just heal with medicines. She seemed normal like other children but as she grew up, she had difficulties in breathing especially when she ran or played. She becomes tired very soon. She has recurrent fever and cold that almost every month she was taken to hospital and sometimes she was hospitalized for a week.

"She looks very normal for others but only I know how much she struggles. She cannot do anything for a long time, she falls short of breath soon. She never goes out to play, many think that she is very shy but truth is she cannot even walk fast. Whenever she complains of a chest pain, I cannot breathe fearing that something would happen to her." - Vadivukarasi.

Unaware of her disease, she was looking forward to living a normal life like her friends

Last month, Vishalini came home very tired from school, she complained of chest pain. Before Vadivukarasi could take her to the hospital she collapsed on the floor and got seizures. She was given treatment for blood infection. Doctors said that her heart disease had become worse and she needs a double switch operation which combines two surgeries, one is to reroute the blood to the proper pumping chambers, and the other is to connect the pulmonary artery and the aorta to the proper pumping chamber.

"I never imagined that it would get this worse. All these years, I was told that she would get better and I gave her all the medicines that doctors prescribed. I used to tell her that one day she will become completely fine and she can also play like other children, she believed me. Now I don't know how to comfort her." - Vadivukarasi.

"My husband visit us only once in a year, I have no one to help"

Murugan is a daily wage worker in Kerala. He is working there for the past 6 years and earns Rs 200 per day. He saves every rupee he earns and comes to visit his family once in a year. Vadivukarasi has been taking care of her children single-handedly. She lives in a small village near Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu. She is also a daily wager, she works on the farm and earns Rs 90 per day. Despite her poverty, she did everything possible to help her daughter live a normal life. Now she needs 10 lakh for the surgery and there is no way that she pay for this surgery without help.

"I'm scared that my daughter won't be alive when my husband visits us next. I'm begging to to everyone. I cannot even have next meals if I don't go for work. Please help me to save her." - Vadivukarasi.
10-year-old Vishalini's heart disease will turn fatal without urgent surgery, you can gift her a new life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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