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2-Year-Old Is Critical In The ICU After Accidentally Drinking Varnish, Needs Urgent Help

Early morning last Saturday, 2-year-old Vikram woke up thirsty and drank from a bottle kept next to his mat, believing it to be water. Unfortunately, it was a bottle of oil varnish and the little boy had already gulped down two mouthfuls before screaming to wake up his parents Amar Singh and Neelam. They didn’t know what was happening until he pointed to the bottle before having seizures and collapsing. They rushed him to a hospital nearby but were told they had to go to Hyderabad. They gathered all that they had and left for a hospital in Hyderabad where Vikram is fighting for his life in the ICU now.

We used to pray together as a family. And all we can do now is pray for him now. He hasn’t opened his eyes for the past three days I keep calling out to him, but he can’t hear us,”-Amar, father.

An old photo of little Vikram

This little boy’s entire body is in shock and he is slipping into a coma

The toxins from the oil have badly damaged Vikram’s vital organs to the extent that they are inching towards complete failure. His brain and kidneys are the worst affected. He cannot breathe on his own and is on ventilator support. Only prolonged ICU stay along with antibiotic therapy and dialysis can bring him back to life.

His laughter and chatter still ring in my ears. They are haunting me. He had just started talking in full sentences. We had taken care of him so well till now despite our shortcomings. And now, we are completely helpless,”-Neelam, mother.

This father who earns less than Rs 100 a day begs for your help to save his only child

Amar Singh and his family are nomads who live on streets and do odd jobs for a living in Nanded, Maharashtra. They only have a tent to call their home. They don’t even have soft beds to sleep on at night, and prefer sleeping on mats or old bed sheets. On the days he does not get work as a laborer, Amar earns Rs 50 to Rs 70 by doing palm reading. He is the sole breadwinner of the family that only eats 2 whole meals a day. They can hardly afford even that. It is under these already difficult circumstances that their son became sick. Now they are struggling to save him.

“Every single day I tell people their fates, but I wasn’t able to predict mine. Despite having nothing, I managed to get more than a lakh from near and dear ones. Now I am left with nothing except guilt. Please help me save my only son,”-Amar

With your kind contribution, these parents can make sure that their only son – who is fighting to stay alive –survives and lives a long life  

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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