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This Girl Smiles Through Her Unimaginable Pain To Cheer Her Parents Up

Venkateswari is a precious little girl. She goes to school every day, gets good marks, plays with her sisters, and is everybody's favorite. Two weeks ago, little Venkateswari started experiencing a sharp and insistent pain in her abdomen. It was sudden, and very scary for this 8-year-old. When she told her parents, Nagaraju and Rani, they rushed her to the hospital, where the doctors gave them some medicines to treat the pain.

“It went away for a day or two. But then one morning, she woke up crying because she was in so much pain.” – Rani, crying

They rushed her back to the hospital, and this time, after the doctors took a closer look, they found out that their little sweetheart had Chronic Pancreatitis, a life-threatening disease. The doctors told these parents that they wouldn’t be able to treat her, and to take her to a bigger hospital.

When Nagaraju and Rani found a hospital that was equipped to treat her, they discovered that the treatment for pancreatitis was a surgery which cost ₹2,00,000. For these two daily wagers, that kind of sum is unimaginable. Only if they worked every day for the next 1000 days, would they be able to afford the surgery for their daughter. And that isn’t even taking into account the cost of the medicines that will follow such a procedure.

Rani is in terrible pain right now, and she will be in terrible pain each day that she doesn’t get this surgery. But she still smiles.

“Neither of us can bear to see her in pain, and she knows this. Whenever we walk into her room, she puts on a smile for us, and tells us she’s fine. But we can hear her crying when she thinks we’re not around.” – Nagaraju, father

These two distraught parents have been trying to borrow money, but nobody is lending them any because they have no land, or jewelry, or anything valuable to put up as collateral.
You are the only hope this 8-year-old has to escape her pain. Donate whatever you can, it will help. 

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team. 
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