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Dengue And Chicken-Pox Are Destroying This Girl's Mind And Body

"Two months ago, I woke to the sound of my daughter coughing very badly. From that day, my daughter’s condition has been going from bad to worse.  
Each day brings more bad news. Her disease is taking her away from us piece by piece, and there's so little of her left now...," - Ramanulamma, mother

Little Vaishnavi is a top student at school, a helpful daughter at home, and a playful little girl with her friends. Two months ago, her parents, Madhusudan and Ramanulamma, noticed that she was coughing constantly, from the moment she woke, to the moment she fell asleep. Their local doctors told them it was Typhoid, but the prescribed medicines didn’t work. It was after visiting 3 different hospitals that they realized the truth of her condition. Their daughter had dengue. 

They thought they saved their daughter’s life 

“We were so terrified. We’ve heard cautionary ads on TV, seen the pamphlets. We knew there was a chance that we could... lose our daughter. She was so weak. But we didn’t lose hope. We fought for her. We took her to a good hospital, used up every single paise we ever saved, and got her treated. They said she was cured, and we took her home. But our happiness didn’t last long...," - Madhusudan, father. 

The poor girl’s dengue “relapsed”, spreading from her brain

In extremely rare occurrences, the dengue virus can cross the blood-brain barrier and infect the brain as well, which is what happened to poor Vaishnavi. When she was declared cured, some of it was still in her brain, and it started spreading from there again, this time hitting her much harder. She started developing severe mental problems; she couldn’t control the movement of her head anymore, her hands started twitching and shivering, she couldn’t think or focus on anything. But her troubles didn’t end here.

She developed chicken-pox on top of this, making everything worse

They told us that the two conditions are destroying both her mind and her body, from the inside and the outside. Her kidneys, her liver, her lungs... they’re all getting worse by the day. For the past week, she has been unconscious, and I... I don’t know how I can save her. We have no money left, and nothing of value that we can sell. I’m just a farmer. My wife and I have been surviving on scraps and thrown food from a nearby cafeteria. We don't have anything left to save her. We need your help, please. Save our daughter...

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