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These Twin Babies Will Never Go Home If Their Parents Can't Afford To Keep Them Alive

They said we couldn’t waste even a single second or else my babies would die. The moment they were born on 12 January, they were rushed in an ambulance to a hospital with an NICU unit. My husband and I could only catch a glimpse of our babies,” - Renu, mother. 

An old pic of Renu and Rahul

Renu had a complicated pregnancy and during her 6th month, the doctors suggested that an immediate C-section would be the only way they can save both the mother and the twins. The babies have been in the NICU since then. It has already been a month but they need to stay longer.

It is difficult to bring Renu out of the NICU, she cries inconsolably

For the last one month, Renu seems to be in a trance. Despite not being in her best form, Renu goes to the hospital every day to visit her twins - a boy and a girl.
“I sit beside them and sing lullabies. I keep telling them that they would be fine and would be in my arm soon. But it feels like the 5 hours pass away in a wink of an eye, I inevitably end up crying every time I leave the NICU.” 

Renu's in-laws with the twins

Without the hospital stay, Renu’s twins will not live

The twins are just about a kg each and need oxygen support to breath. They are being fed through tubes.
“The doctors told us that the medicines are doing their work and our babies were improving slowly. Renu and I were just getting hopeful when they added that taking them home now is not an option. They need to stay for longer to get recover completely. We don’t wish to take any risk but how will we pay for the bills?” 

Rahul and Renu plead for your help to save their twins

Life was hard even before this happened and Rahul was struggling to make two ends meet. But with his twins in the hospital for more than a month now, he has used up all his savings and is in no condition to arrange for the money.
I used to work in a small electronic shop in Alwar, Rajasthan and made about Rs 2000 per month. With so much happening in my family, I haven’t gone to the shop for the last one month. There is no one from whom I can borrow the 8 lakhs needed for the hospital stay. If you don’t help, we would lose our twins.”   

Your support can save the twin babies 

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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