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Help The Son Of A Coconut Seller Get An Urgent Surgery To Remove A Tumor In His Stomach

“My son has been in pain for 7 years now. He was only 12 when the doctors found the tumour. He was getting better when he took medication and had a surgery. But suddenly, the tumor has increased in size. He has his entire life ahead of him. I worry about what the future holds for him, or if he will even have one at all,” says Vanitha, Thejeshwar’s mother.

Thejeshwar has been frequently admitted to hospitals ever since the doctors found a large tumor in his stomach. He underwent a surgery to remove a part of the tumor, and has been on medication for the same ever since then. He has been undergoing tests and scans for the past 7 years now. It was during one of these scans in 2016 that the doctors discovered the tumor had become large and was a threat to his life. Thejeshwar needs an urgent surgery to remove the tumor and get better again.

Through the pain, Thejeshwar remains positive and dreams of a bright future

Thejeshwar, 19-years-old, was eagerly looking forward to starting college. Throughout his treatment he remained positive and let his dream of becoming an engineer shine bright. His parents, Harish and Vanitha, even took a bank loan to pay for his education.

“My son dreams of becoming an electrical engineer. He wanted to finish college and make a name for himself. He told us that one day he would buy us a nice house. He watches all his friends go to college and wonders when he’ll be able to go back.”

Thejeshwar hasn't been able to go back to college. He has severe stomach pain and often complains of a headache. He’s now unable to eat anything and feels very weak. Nevertheless, he hasn’t let the tumor crush his spirit. He is focused on getting better and being able to fulfill his dreams of supporting his parents.

He keeps giving us courage and telling us he'll be fine, when we should be the ones consoling him. He’s a very brave boy. When he sees that I’m upset about his health, he holds my hand, smiles, and asks me not to worry. His smile makes everything better, but I know how much pain he’s really in.”

Thejeshwar with his parents and sisters

His condition will deteriorate without surgery 

Thejeshwar needs to have a tumor debulking surgery at the earliest to get healthy again. However, it is estimated to cost Rs 10 lakhs. His parents have borrowed from family and friends, and somehow managed to arrange 5 lakhs for his treatment, but it is not enough. Thejeshwar needs 5 lakhs more to be able to have the surgery.

“We took him from our home in Mangalore to Bangalore for his treatment. We have spent a lot of money over these years for his treatment, tests and scans. Now, we need 5 lakhs more. We’ve tried our best to arrange for as much money as we could. We have no other way to pay for it.”

Harish is a coconut vendor in Mangalore, while Vanitha is a housewife. Thejeshwar also has two sisters, one who is still in school. His parents are struggling to pay for his medicals bills and their daughter's education. His older sister has even given up on her dream to complete her masters degree, and has started working to help support the family.

Thejeshwar continued to go to college despite being in agonizing pain, but was forced to stop when his conditioned worsened. He is determined to beat the tumor and start working towards the life he had planned for. His suffering can end with surgery.

How You Can Help 

Thejeshwar has a large tumor in his stomach. He has been in pain for 7 years because of this, but was getting better with medication. Unfortunately, his tumor has increased in size and he requires immediate surgery to be able to live. His parents are from a humble background and can’t afford to pay for his surgery. They have spent a considerable amount on his treatment over these years, and now need Rs 5 lakhs to give him the treatment he deserves. With surgery, Thejeshwar can be healthy again and go back to college.

Your support will save him and give him the future he dreams of. 

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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