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3-Year-Old Who Is Almost Bedridden With Cancer Will Die Without Urgent Treatment

"My little daughter holds her head and cries out in pain. When I try to console her, she immediately turns away from me and hides beneath the sheets. She cries until she is exhausted and at times, she is consumed by weakness so much that she will not even have an ounce of strength left in her to move. When I take her in my arms I see that half of her dress is wet with tears.  The mother in me feels distressed with helplessness." - Lakshmi, Tejashree's mother.

Tejashree is at the brink of death because of cancer

Despite poverty, Somashaker and Lakshmi lived happily in their small house. They were thrilled when they were blessed with their first child. Tejashree, a smiling little child made them even more content in life. But a few months ago, their active little daughter was bedridden with high fever, headache and diarrhea. The couple was worried and rushed her to the hospital. She was diagnosed with blood cancer. 

"I used to cook all her favorite food when she suffered from fever, she would immediately throw up the little amount of food she used to have. I started giving her liquids but she soon suffered from diarrhea. My daughter who loves to talk and play is now struggling to even call me 'amma'. When they told us that her life is in danger, we did not understand what to do. My husband immediately rushed to his friends and borrowed money to admit her in the hospital." - Lakshmi.

Without urgent ICU care and chemotherapy, this 3-year-old will die

This 3-year-old is suffering from Precursor Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (T-ALL), is a form of blood cancer that will produce a greater number of white blood cells in the body. She needs chemotherapy treatment for 6 months. Tejashree's condition is critical and urgently needs ICU care. The delay in the treatment will only worsen her condition.

"They told us that she needs ICU support but we have exhausted all that we had for the first cycle of chemotherapy treatment and we are unable to afford the next one. My daughter is in so much pain that she is not even allowing us to touch her. She looks at an injection and winces.  'Amma, beda beda! ' she screams and begs me to take her home. I desperately want to console her but all I can do is stand beside her and helplessly cry." - Lakshmi.

Labor who earns Rs 300 a day is struggling to save his only daughter

Somashaker is the sole breadwinner of the family. He is a daily wage labor and earns as little as Rs 300 a day. With this minimal income, he runs the house. But now the expenses of the treatment have burdened his shoulders and he is unable to afford the treatment that can save his only daughter's life.

“Our daughter needs to be treated but we have no money. We have tried everything we could to save her. With the help of our relatives and friends, we were able to spend Rs 2.5 lakhs until now. Treatment costs 5 lakhs, the money that we cannot earn even if we work continuously for years. We are left with only one option, to beg and ask for help" - Lakshmi.

How You Can Help

3-year-old Tejashree is suffering from a severe form of blood cancer, she urgently needs ICU care and chemotherapy as the disease is making her condition vulnerable. The parents have exhausted all their saving and are not able to afford the treatment that can help their only child survive. Now they are completely dependent on the crowdfunding to save their child.

Your kind contribution will help this 3-year-old survive

Supporting Documents

 The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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