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Neck Deep In Debts, This Coolie Struggles To Save His Preterm Twins

“In the past 18 years of my life, I know what I’ve been through. What did I do wrong, that I couldn’t have a child at all? That’s the biggest joy any woman can have, you know? Being a mother! People blamed me for our situation. If not for my husband, I would have long given up on life. That was 18 years of nightmare. Now, it feels like I’ve finally woken up from it, only to slip into another nightmare. They have to be okay!” - Ponniamma, mother.


Ponni’s twins are in the NICU, unable to breathe on their own

On the 18th of July, after 18 long years, Subramani and Ponniamma’s prayers were finally answered. She gave birth to not one but two babies - a boy and a girl. The babies were delivered preterm in her 6th month. It has been close to a month and the preterm babies have been in the NICU, struggling to live.


The parents are scared to even hold their babies

“We have gone to so many places in the hope of having a child. And, each time, we returned home disappointed. It was like a cycle. 18 years is a long time. It’s difficult to be optimistic for so long. We were mentally tired! Now, when we thought it will be okay, they say our babies are struggling to breathe. My son’s condition is even worse!” – Subramani, father.

Doctors have said the babies are prone to infection - the parents are afraid to even hold their babies in their arms.


“She came out of the clinic smiling through tears, after so long. I had almost forgotten she could smile! These babies are our hope.”

Life has been difficult for Ponni. There have been days where she fasted for days together – sometimes in misery, sometimes as a prayer, as an offering. She ached to have a child. Now even though she is a mother, she doesn't know if she can save them...

Subramani has been going door to door in an effort to gather funds

Subramani works as a coolie in Sullurpet, for a daily wage of Rs 200-300. He’s the only earning member, taking care of his aged parents and his wife. The family seldom spent the money on anything else other than the minimum requirement. For the last 18 years, most of his income went towards hospital visits. Now, the hospital expenses to save their twins amount to 9 lakhs. Far away from home, he hasn’t been able to work and is struggling to raise funds.

Every time I borrow, I shudder, thinking of how I will repay all of them

“You won’t believe me.  I have been borrowing money in fives and tens. Because, at this stage, every penny counts. Ponni is still recovering. I want to be by her side. But we need the money, if we have to save our children. I hardly know anyone here. Every time I borrow, I shudder, thinking of how I will repay all of them. Raising two children with debts in lakhs and an income in hundreds, is frightening! Please help us. What might be small to you, might make a huge difference to us. Help us get our babies home and make all our struggles so far, worthwhile” Subramani, father.
They're struggling to make ends meet. Your contribution, no matter how small, will help them take their babies home.  

Supporting document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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