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7-Month-Old Battling Two Serious Conditions Will Lose Her Life Without Help

"I cannot tell in words how much pain my baby is going through since her birth. Everyday is a struggle for her. She turns blue every time she cries. Her heart can stop any moment if she does not get a surgery soon. But all we can do now is to watch her suffer helplessly," - Jothi, Mother

My baby is now fit for the heart surgery but fate is against us

Baby Taniya was born with heart disease and she had severe breathing trouble. She was in ICU for a week. She has holes in her heart which makes her heart work harder to distribute oxygen to the body. She was severely underweight and doctors said surgery can be done only after she gains weight. As if this was not enough, the parents were told that their baby's anus is not formed properly. Even the simple act of passing stool makes the baby cry out in pain.

"Now my baby weighs 5.5 kilos now. She is perfectly fit for the surgery but we cannot afford it. Doctors said her anus can be corrected only after the heart surgery. She will look normal to you, I know. But only I know what is she going through, it breaks my heart," - Jothi.

We can never forgive ourselves, if we fail to save our daughter

Govindan is a driver and he earns Rs 12,000 per month. He has already spent a lakh so far for the tests and the treatment. He needs 3.5 lakhs for the heart surgery which is beyond his means. He does not have any insurance and without help he will never be able to get the surgery done for his only child.

"Doctors said we cannot delay the surgery further but we do not have anything left with us. I sold my jewels too but it is not enough. We are longing to see her live a normal life, please help us save her," - Govindan

Your contribution can save 7-month-old Taniya's life

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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