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Fighting a sickness worse than cancer, all 5-year-old Tanish dreams of is becoming a superhero

“But Papa all my friends play in school, why can’t I? I want to go out and run too,"
5-year-old Tanish asks his father yet again. He still hopes that one day he can convince his father to let him go out and play. His father Rashmin has to refuse yet again, not knowing how to begin explaining to the child that playing outside was a threat to his life.

Tanish has Wiskott–Aldrich syndrome, an extremely rare genetic disorder. He has very poor immunity and a low platelet count. For the rest of his life, even the smallest impact can make him bleed to death.Tanish's parents are tasked with making sure he stays safe and alive, which means no fun and games for Tanish.  Every time Tanish decides to play - his parents feel worried and anxious about him accidentally hitting himself and bleeding to death

Tanish wants to become a superhero when he grows up

Most little children learn by 5 that they want to do an important job - like becoming a doctor or fly a plane. But to Tanish, his biggest desire is to become strong. Not just strong enough to go out and play, but so strong that everyone is proud of being his friend. 
Tanish becomes friends with those who visit him, often shyly charming their phones away to play games 

His current hero is 'Bahubali' and Tanish spends a considerable part of his day 'training' to become strong like him. With his bright eyes, active imagination and heart-warming smile - you'd never believe how close to getting fatally hurt he is.

A disease deadlier than Cancer:

When Tanish was born, in the first month itself, his parents Rashmin and Dina noticed red stains in his stools. Worried about their baby, they immediately went to the doctor. At that point, the doctors could not diagnose the exact illness. Two months later, a fever revealed the severity of his condition. 

“We thought it was Dengue or Malaria. So did the doctors. He had a low platelet and haemoglobin count. They referred us to a doctor in Chennai. It was here that we found out that our happy child was battling a disease more painful than Cancer,” says Rashmin.

Tanish can never lead a normal life, and is under a constant threat of bleeding to death. The only cure is a Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT). His parents put together everything they had to get him a bone-marrow transplant, but it failed at the time. The doctors believe that he should get better after the second transplant, but his parents have exhausted all their resources. 

This family has spent over 50 lakhs so far to save him, now they are out of funds

“My eldest daughter fought a tumour as a baby. She made it, but it took all of our resources and savings to help her. I thought I earned enough, but I've already spent over 50 lakhs on Tanish's treatment so far. A repeat BMT is the only way to save him. I would give anything to save my son, but I have nothing left now.”

Tanish with his mother and grandfather. No matter how worried, Tanish's playfulness helps them forget their fear for him.

How you can help

While Tanish is still dreaming of growing up to become Bahubali some day, he has no idea that his life can come to a stop. At present Tanish is currently in a very critical condition and his stool and vomit consist of mostly blood. His father makes an earnest appeal for help to keep the little one alive. Funds raised through this fundraiser will help Tanish stay alive by getting him the BMT he needs so urgently. 

Supporting document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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