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9-Month-Old Baby Tahoora Has Only Few Days Left For A Chance To Live

Tahoora is a 9-month-old with a severely damaged liver. The doctors have told her parents that she will not survive if she does not get a liver transplant in the next few days. Tahoora's father Shabhir is a truck driver in Hyderabad and the only breadwinner of the family. Even if the family sells everything they have – they still don't have enough for a liver transplant that can save Tahoora.

Tahoora with her mother Talha at the hospital

Baby Tahoora developed jaundice at 2 months and never got better

Yesterday (August 31), Tahoora was rushed to the hospital in the night because she couldn't breathe. Her father was away on an outstation delivery. Her mother Talha had to call her neighbour and request help taking them to the hospital for help reviving Tahoora. 

They made it just in time and Tahoora is now on ventilator support. But her condition is so bad that the doctors have given her parents time – the next few days. If her liver transplant is done in that time, she will be able to recover from the damage her body has suffered this far. 

 Tahoora with her parents

In the nine months that she has lived, her life has been painful and filled with suffering for the last 7 months. Diagnosed with jaundice when she was just 2-months-old, Tahoora has never recovered. Her parents are running from pillar to post trying to save her but it is becoming difficult for them.

“The doctor has said that we will need about 18 lakhs for the procedure. I have a few possessions – my bike, a few electronic gadgets, but even if I sell it all we will not be able to raise enough money to get a liver transplant. Nothing I can do will give me enough to save my baby,” says Shabhir.

Shabbir and his wife always wanted a daughter to complete their family

The last few months have been really hard for the family, forcing them to make difficult changes in their lives. 

My sons, Ashraf (8) and Shadab (6) are still very young and in the last few months, have grown up so fast. They go to school, come back and even find something to eat when they are hungry. They tell us that Tahoora will get better because she is taking medicines,” Shabhir says. 

Older and jaded, it is difficult for Shabhir and Talha to share their sons' optimism. The last few months they have been struggling to make ends meet and keep Tahoora healthy. Shabhir makes about Rs 15,000 per month and has spent over Rs 1 lakh on treatment. 

Tahoora's stomach is swollen and her body is yellow with jaundice

Tahoora is also noticeably changing because of her sickness. “She used to play, move her hands and legs, sometimes laugh and scream. The last one month, she just lays there – too tired to even cry. Her stomach is swollen, bigger than her small, frail body,” Shabhir says.

How you can help

Tahoora is Shabhir and Talha's dream – a daughter who would complete their family. Losing Tahoora would break their heart. Our support will help this special baby survive the terrible condition she has been fighting almost all her life.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.