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Help Suresh Afford The Pills That Can Save His Life From Cancer And Care For His Family

“My children… They are all I am worried about. If my son gets to complete his final year, then I do not have to worry about them. He will take care of himself and my daughters. He is a topper with scholarship. I just have to stay alive long enough to care for them and secure their future. I am their father. They are my responsibility.”
Suresh made several appointments with the ophthalmologist for issues with his vision last year, until one day, he went completely blind in his left eye. Finally, tests revealed that he had Metastatic Lung Cancer that had spread to the other parts of his body including the eye and backbone. Although he has gone through several cycles of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, Suresh’s best chance at survival and beating cancer is oral chemotherapy for 2-3 years which he cannot afford.
Suresh is a real estate agent who lives in Bangalore with his wife, son, and twin daughters. He is not just a loving father and husband, but also a genuine salesperson whom most clients absolutely adore. He lives in Bangalore with his family and works around Indiranagar and surrounding areas. Suresh is the sole breadwinner for the family and makes a modest income that puts his children through college.

Early last year, Suresh complained of double vision. He consulted a doctor who prescribed medications. The problem persisted, and he was diagnosed of a swelling or weakness in the optic nerve. Things got worse when he lost complete vision in his left eye.

“I went to Prabha Eye Clinic. Here, they ran some tests and did a biopsy. They sent the samples to Kidwai. When it tested positive for something, the doctor again wrote more tests and sent it to Sankara. Soon, after a few more consults, I heard the most horrifying news. I have cancer. I have had it for quite some time and I did not even know. It started in the lungs and the mets spread to the eye and backbone. My world turned upside down.”
The illness and the treatment have prevented Suresh from working for over 8 months and will prevent him for the foreseeable future. He has gone through several cycles of chemotherapy and even had his last radiotherapy session yesterday. As the bills piled on, he used all his savings, his son’s scholarship amount, loans and help from friends to pay up. However, he is still short of money, and the livelihood of his family has been heavily impacted by this situation.

“The doctor said the treatment so far has been a temporary solution. I need to go for pills that will cost around Rs. 80,000-90,000 per month for over 2 years to beat this disease. I have run out of options to pay for my treatment. My children have to study and graduate. I feel helpless at this moment unable to save myself or my family.”
So far, Suresh has spent over Rs. 4 lakhs and is in debt of Rs. 2-3 lakhs. He has no means of income and needs nearly Rs. 1.7 Lakhs ($18,000) for his treatment. To help his family through this rough time, one of his clients has set up a fundraiser that can help save his life.

Your contribution can not just help Suresh beat cancer, but also buy him more time with his family so he can see his daughters and son succeed in life.

“Suresh is without a doubt the most genuine and caring person I know.” – Adhi Chintala (Champion)
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The specifics of this case have been verified with the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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