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26-year-old Amit Wanted To Serve The Nation, But Brain Cancer Put Him in ICU instead

When you're young and happy, you don't imagine that life will bring you to your knees. 26-year-old Amit, who dreamt of serving the nation and joining the Army can attest to how mercilessly it can all be snatched away. Unconscious and without any money to help him in the fight, Amit is struggling for his life from the vice of brain cancer.

Amit with his father at the hospital

The diagnosis that changed everything 

It started two years ago, in February when Amit had gone out with his friends in the evening. He suddenly fell ill and had to immediately hospitalized. Tests showed that Amit had a brain tumor. He was in the hospital for a whole month after that, and went home when he felt a little better.

Few days later, he got sick again and this time, he was admitted to the hospital again. Finally, in April 2015, he was operated for his brain tumor. He took radiation therapy and returned home healthy. He was perfectly healthy the next one year.

A year later, when Amit collapsed during Diwali celebrations, the family felt like their nightmare had started again. Amit had to be rushed to Apollo hospital for an emergency brain surgery. Not only had the tumour relapsed, but it was confirmed to be stage 3 Cancer. From then, Amit has mostly been unconscious.

"He has been discharged from the hospital but has been unconscious since the day of his surgery. His parents are doing everything to help him regain his senses but to no effect. The doctors say that Amit should start with his chemo and radiotherapy. But having exhausted all of the savings in last two years, his parents have no income left to get their young son a treatment that might save his life. Its like they are tied up by their circumstances and forced to watch their son get farther away from them with every passing breath", said Abhijeet. 

Family of humble means

Amit used to work as a junior contractor in Green Police. While a government job, it wasn't permanent and thus devoid of any medical benefits. He used to earn Rs 150 per day. His father, Ratan sells jute bags on street and hardly makes Rs 5,000 per month.

"The family has a BPL card. All of their saving and whatever help they could get from their friends and family has all been used up so far. They have spent close to Rs 8 lakhs so far and now they have nothing left to continue", explained Abhijeet.

How can you help?

Amit is his parents' whole life. His family did everything they could to continue treatment till now. They can no longer afford treatment without which he will not be able to survive long. Help these heartbroken parents get their young son back. Funds raised through this fundraiser will go towards his treatment.

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