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7-Year-Old Lives In Fear Of Death Because Of Cancer, Needs Urgent Help To Survive

"He has stopped talking to us and his friends, the only question that he asks us is "will it pain too much when I die?" He is very scared of death. I keep telling him that I won't let him go and he'll be fine soon but he doesn't believe me. He only sleeps on my lap and doesn't let me to move away even for a minute,he thinks death can come to him at any moment. I can only cry helplessly, there is nothing that I can do to save his life from cancer," - Jaweda, mother

Cancer has changed him completely - his own friends hardly recognize him

Soheal (7) was a very cheerful and active boy and he had many friends in his Anganwadi, with whom he played all day. His cancer diagnosis, frequent visits to the hospitals and painful chemo cycles took away all his energy and happiness. His hair fell in lumps and he stopped talking to his best friends too. He has almost forgotten his happy days and he has isolated himself from everyone. Sometimes he watches cartoons on his father's mobile, and the rest of the time he keeps staring at the walls.

"We live in Jamtara and it takes 1 hour to reach the railway station, we go by train to the hospital in Ranchi. We stay in the hospital for 4 or 5 days in a month for his chemo. He cries throughout the journey, and every time we tell him different stories to calm him down." - Nasrudeen

He needs prolonged treatment to survive

Soheal has Hodgkin's lymphoma, cancer of a part of the immune system. As the cancer progresses, it limits the body's ability to fight infection. Soheal has completed 6 cycles of chemotherapy, he needs 6 more cycles followed by supportive care to recover completely.

"When he had swelling in his neck, we thought it is some infection, we never imagined it to be cancer. We immediately started the treatment. The swelling has subsided now but he is extremely weak, he has lost weight and can hardly eat. He has severe body ache. He is in so much of pain but he needs to continue the treatment to survive," - Jaweda

We have spent everything we had and asked everyone for help, it's still not enough

Nasrudeen is a daily wager, he does odd jobs and manages to earn Rs 150-200 per day. He has spent Rs 80,000 so far by exhausting all his hard-earned savings and borrowing from his villagers. He cannot ask them for more and needs 3 lakhs to continue his son's treatment. He has no means to afford it and he'll lose his son without help.

A small contribution can make it possible for this 7-year-old to fight cancer and live a normal life

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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