We Live In A Mud House With No Water And Electricity, How Can We Save Our Son From Cancer? | Milaap
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We Live In A Mud House With No Water And Electricity, How Can We Save Our Son From Cancer?

We have been living in poverty all our lives. We have a house to call our own, but it has only one room and is made of mud. There is no electricity in the house and we light earthen lamps at night. Our well has completely dried up due to the summer. As I don’t get work every day, we have to make do with having only one meal a day – sometimes we starve to let our son eat. Added to all our troubles, our son has cancer now and we fear we might lose him,”-Mahesh, father.

4-year-old Sidharth Kumar has been battling acute blood cancer from the past 6 months. He needs prolonged chemotherapy to survive, but his poor parents do not have the means to save him and are asking for your help.

‘Papa, something is eating up my tummy…it hurts badly’

Little Sidharth had just started going to an Anganwadi near his house in rural Jharkhand when he started suffering from recurrent fevers. Many visits to the doctor and many tests later, the poor boy was diagnosed with blood cancer. His entire life changed – friends, fun and frolic were replaced with pain, injections and loss of hair. The hospital became his second home. Worst of all, he started getting piercing stomach pains which no medicine could help reduce.

He screams in pain every single day, saying his tummy hurts and something is eating him up from inside. He refuses to eat properly and does not even get a wink of sleep at night. We have not slept well in months, watching our only son suffer like this,”-Tara, mother.

They will be forced to stop treatment without urgent help

Mahesh is a daily wager who works on other’s farms for a living. On the days that he got work, he would earn only a meagre Rs 200. On other days, he would come home empty-handed. From the past few months, he has not been getting work regularly. When Sidharth was diagnosed, he borrowed more than Rs 50,000 to get his treatment started. But now, he has exhausted all that money and has absolutely no way to save his son.
“He has only undergone 2 rounds of chemotherapy. He needs at least 6 rounds more. Without it, he will not live for long. I cannot let my only son die because of a lack of money. Please help me save him,”-Mahesh

With your kind contribution, these parents can save their son from cancer before it is too late

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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