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Shivam's Disease Can Kill Him In Hours If His Parents Don’t Get Help Soon

For the past few days, Shivam has been in and out of consciousness. In those fleeting moments, he hardly recognizes his parents. He doesn’t talk. This is the same Shivam (7) that would run to school, tell many stories and would try and make everyone smile. Shivam didn’t like it when Roop and Gajanadevi were sad, but for the past few months, they haven’t had much to be happy about. With Shivam in the ICU, they have lost all hope.

“What can I even say now…watching him like this is the most difficult thing. He’s been in the ICU since Sunday. Every day has been a hurdle since then.” – Roop, father

Without treatment, he could be left brain damaged

Sunday. A day of leisure for most, but not for Roop. He had to work to ensure that his family gets their meal for the day. But just before Roop left for work, tragedy struck. Shivam, who had a fever for the past two days, suddenly fell unconscious. The parents were devastated to find out that what they thought was a regular fever, turned out to be meningitis – inflammation of the brain due to an infection.

“He can be left brain damaged without treatment. We got him to Jaipur just in time, if we had delayed it by even a few minutes, we could have lost him.

Shivam was immediately taken to the ICU and has been there ever since. His disease is so dangerous that it can kill in a few hours if his treatment is stopped. He also has fluid build up in his brain – his condition is critical.

Shivam is their only hope and way out of poverty

Roop and Gajanadevi’s village in Rajasthan is small and isolated. He works on other’s farms for a mere Rs. 200 per day, and that’s only when there’s work. On some days, he comes back home empty-handed. Under such financial conditions, there is no way he can afford the 4 lakhs needed to keep Shivam in the ICU.

“Shivam going to school is the biggest reason for us to be proud. He even stands first in his class. My wife and I never got to finish school and always wanted Shivam to have that chance. I worked every day so that my son could go to school. We have nothing in savings. I don’t even understand the bills here…who can I borrow from? Everyone in our village is so poor.”

Shivam now lies unconscious in the ICU. He is far away from home, school and his normal childhood. Shivam’s life can be normal again, but only if you help him. He needs to stay in the ICU for one more week to recover. Else, his parents will lose their only child.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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