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Critically Ill Newborn Is Fighting For Her Life Without Her Mother By Her Side

“She is only a week old, but she hasn’t been able to have a drop of milk till now. She hasn’t even opened her eyes properly, but her life is already in danger. We had prayed to Allah for nothing but the health of our child, but see what happened. I can do nothing but pray harder for her health as I wait outside the ICU,”-Riyas, father of the newborn baby.

Riyas and Sheherban’s baby girl was born with diaphragmatic hernia, a birth defect where there is an abnormal opening in the muscle that separates the chest and the abdomen. Due to this, contents of her intestine had coiled against one of her lungs, making only the other lung functional. She underwent emergency surgery to repair this, but she is still not out of danger and needs prolonged ICU stay. However, her father is too poor to afford treatment and is asking for your help.

‘We hardly got to hold her before she was taken to hospital after hospital’

Sheherban had a normal pregnancy and went for scans regularly. She even had nutritious food and medicines on time. But nothing could stop whatever happened to her baby girl within hours of her birth.

“My wife did not even get a chance to hold her for 5 minutes before she started gasping for breath. She looked like she was choking on something. As she was born in a government hospital, we had to rush her to a private hospital where there were ventilators available. But looking at her condition, we were told to take her somewhere else and that’s how we brought her to Aster as a last resort to save her life,”-Riyas

The baby's mother Sheherban is still recovering at home after her delivery and is desperately waiting for her baby girl to come back home

This daily wager needs your help to save his baby girl

Riyas is a daily wager who works in construction sites in Thrissur, Kerala. He earns Rs 600 a day when work is available, and absolutely nothing when it is not. But despite facing daily financial crunches, he made sure to give them a decent life. However, his newborn’s illness has completely thrown him off-guard. He had to use up all the savings he had and even borrow to pay for hospital expenses, but now he is left with nothing.

“With Allah’s grace, she underwent the surgery, but she still needs to recover. I don’t have the money to keep her in the hospital for even one more day. How will I take a small, sick baby home knowing that she will not survive? I am cursed with poverty and have no way to save her. Please help ,”-Riyas.

With your kind contribution, this baby’s life can be saved and she can go back home to her mother.

Supporting document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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