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She's Only 11 And Her Organs Are Failing, Without Urgent Help She Won't Make It

When Yenkana and Renuka went for a parent-teacher meeting to their 11-year-old’s school, they were happy. They hadn’t seen their daughter in months because she stays in the hostel. But these parents were in for a shock – they didn’t find Shantha up and about like she usually is. She was burning with fever, her hands and legs were swollen. And the worst part? She had hidden it from everyone for days.

This was in January and since then Shantha’s condition has only worsened. Now both her kidneys have failed and her liver is failing too. The only way to save her is a double organ transplant. And soon.

She can’t get up or drink water on her own. What kind of life is this?

“We have been in Bangalore for 5 months now. We’ve rented a small room near the hospital here…we have to bring here every alternate day for dialysis. She’s tired all the time. She can’t get up, she can’t drink water on her own..what kind of life is this?” – Renuka, mother

Renuka hasn’t left Shantha’s side in all these months. When Shantha asks her “amma when will I be like before?” Renuka doesn’t have anything to say anymore – it’s been weeks since they found out she needs a liver and kidney transplant, but they are nowhere close to being able to afford her transplant.

Not one, but two of her vital organs are failing. Shantha’s chronic kidney disease can lead to end-stage kidney failure – and there’s no turning back from there. This is her one chance to survive.

Every time he leaves her, he feels it might be the last time he sees his daughter

Yenkana travels from Raichur to Bangalore a lot these days. Even on the days he barely has Rs. 20 left in his pocket. As much as he wants to, he can’t stay with Shantha all the time. He has to work. But every time he leaves her, he fears it might be the last time he sees her…alive.

“It’s like every time I see her, she’s getting weaker, sicker. We’re small-time farmers. The little land we own is now dry…I haven’t made much. But I’ve taken a lot of loans, borrowed from a lot of people. I think we’ve spent about 15 lakhs on her treatment already? Yeah, 15 lakhs…I’ve lost count almost.” - Yenkana, father

Shantha’s parents have to spend on her treatment, thrice a week dialysis and room rent. All these expenses are very difficult for them to afford, but they are still trying. Unfortunately, they can’t afford her life-saving treatment.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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