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A Father's Last Wish Was To Help His 4-year-old Son Hear and Speak for The First Time

4-year-old Shankar Gowda has been deaf & dumb due to a birth defect. Despite having a normal IQ, Shankar is still unable to talk or respond to voices. He tragically lost his father 7 months ago in a freak accident, which put a stop to the savings that would eventually go towards a cochlear implant to correct his condition.

Shankar's Struggles with Daily Activities

Coming from a small village called DeviHosur in North Karnataka, Shankar seems for the most part, a normal child. His main problem is in communicating his thoughts, and understanding the vocal world around him.

It has been extremely difficult for this child to understand and adopt new skills. Shankar's mother, Nanda, somehow has able to teach Shankar some signs for communicating hunger and going to the toilet. However, it gets really difficult for her to identify when Shankar falls ill or feels a discomfort due to something.

Nanda describes Shankar's daily struggles as the worst pain a parent can experience.

The day it all fell apart

Shankar's father Uallaveera used to say "Shankar is a bright kid." The way this child observed things and tried to figure them out on his own, brought joy to the parents. Despite Shankar's limitations, his family was happy with whatever god had bestowed upon them.

Uallaveera used to work in SBI as a temporary employee and was excited to get Shankar operated  for the cochlear implant. He was saving every single penny for Shankar's treatment. On a fateful night of 27th February while returning to home from office Uallaveera met with a fatal accident that impacted his family's future.

Uallaveera left behind a family of three comprising of Nanda, Shankar and an 8-year-old daughter. All hopes of seeing Shankar hearing and speaking has now become a distant dream. The family is now in complete disarray and trying to cope up with Uallaveera's demise. Shankar doesn't even understand what has happened to his father and that he will never see him again.  

Uallaveera was the only bread winner of the family and Nanda being an illiterate housewife is facing a hard time in seeking employment.

The past 7 months have been really difficult for Nanda as she is trying to cope up with her husband's loss and managing the daily expenses of the family.

Help arrives in mysterious ways 

One of the kind souls who happens to belong to the same village is Dr. Chandru Gowda. Dr. Gowda is a close relative to Uallaveera and when he came to know about the tragic news of Uallaveera's demise, he came forward to help the family and the kid. He not only started a campaign for Shankar, he also made a personal donation of 3 lakhs rupees for Shankar's surgery. Though there is still a shortage a 10 lakh rupees for Shankar's treatment.  

Shankar's implant will cost 20 lakh rupees. 3 lakh rupees has been arranged by Dr. Gowda and 3 lakh rupees has been sanctioned from the PM fund. A total of 4 lakh Rupees will be covered using Uallaveera insurance claim. They still lack 10 lakhs to cover all medical expenses.

How can you help?

Your contribution can make a father's last wish come true, creating a good life for Shankar. He will be able to have the surgery and interact with the world like we all deserve to.

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