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Parents Of This 3-Year-Old Girl With Down Syndrome Need Help To Save Her Failing Heart

Shanaya is our only child and she was diagnosed with Down Syndrome early on. No matter what, we’re always going to stand by her and support her throughout her life. She fought through severe pneumonia but now, we got to know that she has a hole in her heart. We are so helpless - we have nothing to save from her failing heart. I want to gift her a happy life but the fact that she may not survive, is terrifying. She needs a heart surgery as soon as possible.” – Mishi, Shanaya’s mother

Down syndrome and congenital heart disease haven’t stopped 3-year-old Shanaya from being a playful and fun-loving child. But that doesn’t last long. Shanaya’s heart beats harder and faster and if left untreated, it has high chances of failing soon. Her parents are scared that the smile on their daughter's lips will go away soon if they can't afford the life-saving surgery. 

She wakes up several times in the middle of the night, out of breath

“Her physical growth is very bad, and its worse than other kids her age who have Down Syndrome. She can’t stop breathing heavily and she can’t even sleep properly. She wakes up several times in the middle of the night as she’s out of breath. It’s so saddening to see her like this. All I want to do is save her and help her get better.” – Mishi

Due to a congenital heart disease known as Patent Ductus Arteriosus, she is unable to breathe normally or even play for more than a few minutes. She is 3 years old now, but until a few months back, she would just lay or sit in one place and wouldn’t even move. She’s getting weaker by the day and her heart is at risk of failure if she doesn’t get a surgery soon.

Shanaya was extremely critical in the ICU

“When she was just 5 months old, we had to rush her into the ICU because she was very critical due to severe pneumonia. She was on life support and those 10 days were like hell. We thought we’d lose her but she fought hard and didn’t give up. She’s so strong, she’s been through so much at such a young age.” – Mishi

Ever since, Shanaya has been visiting doctors every month for the past 2 years. She takes around 8 to 10 tablets daily. Mishi and Om Prakash got their daughter to Mumbai from Bihar over 6 months ago, after she was diagnosed with a hole in her heart. They are here to do all they can to save Shanaya but right now, they have absolutely nothing.

Mishi and Om Prakash need urgent help to save their daughter

“My wife and Shanaya live in Bihar but I had moved to Ahmednagar for work. My salary is around Rs. 15,000/month but I haven’t worked since so many months and now I have absolutely no savings left. The surgery costs are too much for me. My father is a heart patient as well, and I send money for his medicines and treatments too. I just want to save Shanaya.” – Om Prakash

Apart from bearing the expense of living in Mumbai, Om Prakash simply cannot afford the life-saving heart surgery Shanaya needs which costs around Rs. 3.05 lakhs. Mishi and Om need your help to save their daughter.

“Shanaya is a very special child. She has Down Syndrome but that’s not going to define her. She’s already proven that she is very strong and tough. I also want her to join a special school once she’s better...but she can only get better with your help. Our hopes are rested on you now.” – Mishi

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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