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2-Year-Old Sayan May Lose His Life If He Does Not Get An Open Heart Surgery

Sayan was a happy, healthy child. His laughter filled the house as he ran around playing with his sister. However, a year ago his life completely changed. He began falling sick often and experienced breathlessness. He became too weak to even walk. His worried parents took him to a nearby doctor who then told them that their baby had a serious heart disease. Now, 2-year-old Sayan must urgently undergo an open-heart surgery to survive.

It’s Been A Year Filled With Pain And Suffering For Little Sayan

Sayan has been suffering from Congenital Heart Disease for a year now. He is now in Jayadeva Hospital, Bangalore, receiving treatment for his illness far away from his home. Once an active child, he can’t walk or play anymore. Sayan doesn’t understand that he’s suffering from a serious disease. He wonders why he can't play or has to stay away from his home and sister for so long.
“We were shocked when they told us our son had a heart disease. We didn’t know what it meant or how serious it was until they told us that he had to have an open-heart surgery. We had to take him all the way to Bangalore for treatment. We had no choice but to leave our 4-year-old daughter back in the village. She calls us every morning asking when we’re coming back home with Sayan. He also misses her terribly.”

A Difficult Journey To Bangalore For Treatment

When Anamal was asked to take Sayan from their village in Jharkhand to Bangalore for treatment, he was scared. He wasn’t sure how he was going to pay for the hospital bills or living expenses. But he was determined to do all he can to save his son. After borrowing from family members, he and his wife set out to Bangalore with Sayan.

“We brought him here with the hope that he would get better. The doctors said he can beat the disease, but he needs an urgent surgery for that. We’ve spent all the money we had on coming here and paying for his tests and medication. How will I pay for my son’s surgery now?“

Anamal and his wife have been in Bangalore for 3 months now. He works on a few farms in his village, and income is irregular. They live in a small room in the city, taking turns to stay in the hospital with Sayan. Under these tough circumstances, Anamal can’t afford to pay for his son’s open-heart surgery.

Sayan’s condition is deteriorating fast. He must undergo an open-heart surgery, for which he needs Rs. 1 Lakh at the earliest.  Anamal is struggling to save his son and needs your help.

How You Can Help

Sayan has been suffering from heart disease for a year now. The only respite in sight for his pain is an open-heart surgery which will ensure that he’s back to being active and healthy. His father is the only earning member of the family and can’t afford to pay for his surgery. Sayan needs Rs 1 Lakh at the earliest to have the surgery.

With your support, Sayan can have the childhood he deserves.

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