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Confined To Bed For Past 9 Months, 46-Year-Old Sanjit Is Braving A Terrible Cancer

46-year-old Sanjit has cancer in his colon. It is a fast-spreading cancer and he requires expensive immunotherapy to survive. Living with his aging parents, Sanjit and his family have spent all of their savings. Looking for help from all possible quarters, Sanjit's family is desperate to save him.

A Diagnosis That Shocked Them All

In April 2017, Sanjit started experiencing some discomfort in his stomach. He went to a local doctor who, in turn, recommended complete body check-up along with an ultrasound. Fluid accumulation in his abdomen worried the doctor who conducted a colonoscopy, only to find a tumor in his colon.  

"We didn't waste any time, we immediately went ahead with chemotherapy. But his condition kept getting worse. Over course of the hospital stay, his cancer began spreading to different parts of his body. I feel like we are nine months late in doing something so crucial," says his brother, Sujit. 

His doctors recommended immunotherapy -- a treatment that is mostly at an experimental stage in India. Although expensive, it is the best shot Sanjit has at containing his cancer and eliminating his cancer. The doctors have started with slow chemotherapy to gauge his body's reaction to the treatment.

Sanjit's Brother Has Been Looking After His Brother

"My brother has been sick for the last nine months. He did not marry and has only our parents to look after him. But they are also old and unable to extend the care needed for a cancer patient. For quite some time, my brother was on a liquid diet as he couldn't digest solid food. He requires a person's support to use the bathroom, I have been looking after him" says Sujit. 

Though financially comfortable until a year back, both Sanjit and his younger brother are facing difficulties in arranging funds at present. So far, they have spent close to Rs 30 lakh on treatment and are expected to arrange for another Rs 25 lakhs. They have spent all their saving and have nothing left. 

How you can help

Sanjit has largely led a lonely life. He has worked hard and been a good son to his parents. He deserves a life that is not shrouded in pain and suffering. In order to survive, he needs to undergo a treatment that is crucial for his survival.

Your contribution will help his family in saving Sanjit's life.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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