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5-Month-Old With Stage 4 Liver Cancer Needs A Transplant But Her Father Can't Afford It

“It’s a baby girl, they said. My joy knew no bounds. After a long wait of 8 years, Sonali and I would finally have a baby playing in our arms. We wanted to give our baby the best of everything. But now our baby is fighting stage 4 liver cancer. Her only hope at survival is an urgent liver transplant. I am begging to strangers now to help me save my baby girl,” - Sandip, father. 

Only 2 months into this world, Sandip and Sonali's little baby had cancer

“Her stomach started swelling in the month of December last year. We thought it was because Sonali was not having enough rest and nutritious food. I started taking extra care of my wife but also took Samruddhi to a doctor. With some medicines, she got better. But the swelling showed up again in a few days time. This time, the doctor told us to take her to Mumbai. Her ultrasound report was not normal, they said.” 

Samruddhi has stage 4 hepatoblastoma - a rare cancerous tumor in her liver that can spread very fast to other parts of her body. She has undergone 6 cycles of chemotherapy. The rigorous treatment is already taking a toll on the little body, making her cranky. Sometimes she cries until she falls asleep.

Everything I had was spent on having the baby and now we can’t save her

Desperate to have a baby, Sandip and Sonali visited every temple near their village and tried every home remedy. Finally, when nothing worked out, a year ago they went for IVF treatment.
“The costs were huge but that was the only way we could finally have a baby. Both of us were desperate. I started working extra hours on other’s fields to save for Sonali’s treatment. I didn’t even hesitate to use up my savings. But now when my baby is fighting cancer I have nothing to save her with.” 

We have mortgaged everything except my wife's mangalsutra

Sandip has an acre of land in his village where he grows food for his family. For the last few months, he has been working on other’s farms too to earn something more. He has already exhausted his savings for the IVF treatment. The only thing that was left was Sonali’s wedding jewelry. They mortgaged that and got Rs 20,000. Sandip’s mother also pawned her jewelry to help save her granddaughter. 

“From that money I have only few hundreds left. That is going to get over soon and I don’t know how I will arrange for more. I am a matched donor for her but the transplant would cost us 16.5 lakhs. Without your help, I will lose her.”

After 8 years of struggle, little Samruddhi was born to Sandip and Sonali. But now the baby has cancer, she needs an urgent liver transplant to live. You can help these parents save their daughter.

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