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Born With No Fingers And A Cleft Lip, This Little Boy Is Now Fighting Heart Disease

“He was born different – with no fingers and a cleft lip, he was unlike any other baby in the hospital. As parents, we were worried about what his life would be like. But our son is a fighter. He learnt to hold a pencil and even started to write. It hasn’t been easy for him, he hasn’t had a ‘normal’ childhood. Now they told us he has a heart disease. How much more does a child have to go through?" - Celin, Mother.

He has never let his disabilities bring him down

Saisharan was born with a cleft lip - his lips and mouth were not properly formed. His fingers were webbed and he had only two, not fully grown fingers in his left hand. Celin and Rangarajan were worried. After visiting so many hospitals, he finally had surgery for his cleft lip when he was 5-months-old post which he slowly started to drink milk properly but he had persistent cold and fever. It was only when he turned 2, they found that his weakness is due to heart disease. Now the holes in his heart have grown bigger and he needs an urgent surgery.

"He does not like to ask for help, he learnt to do everything by himself. His teachers always appreciate him for his hard work. He does not know that his heart disease can kill him. Whenever I cry, he consoles me, I feel extremely guilty even to face him" - Celin

I never say 'no' to any job, even if I get paid only Rs. 100 

Rangarajan is a daily wager, he works on other's farms but it has been 6 months since he went for work regularly. Poor rainfall has deprived jobs for many in his village. However, he does all kind of odd jobs to try and support his family. He hardly stays at home, he goes in search of work. He manages to buy medicines for his son with whatever little he gets. The 2 lakhs for the surgery is beyond his means.

"We have very little time on our hand and we don't have anything left with us. My son is hopeful that he will fight this too and go back to school soon. We cannot fail him, all we want is to see him living a happy life, please help us," - Rangarajan

6-year-old Saisharan has overcome so many hurdles in life. This time, he needs your help to fight heart disease and live a happy life.


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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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