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Help 10-Year-old Saba Fight Leukemia

For the past few months, Saba has been in the hospital fighting cancer. Her parents are struggling to pay for her treatment.  Saba stopped going to school because of her condition. Her whole family is now all alone without the support of the relatives. Saba's family cannot continue her treatment without funds for the treatment.

Saba's Mother Spent Sleepless Fight Fearing Her Daughter's Condition

"I cannot sleep at night thinking my daughter will not make it. I always check is she is breathing." Not a single night that she sleeps peacefully. This mother is always worried how they will manage the funds for her treatment.

The family has spent all their savings for Saba's treatment. They took loans and sold the jewellery to pay the hospital bills.Saba's father has been travelling from one city to another asking his friends and relatives for funds.

"My wife is always worried about Saba. Even when Saba was small, she used to be very careful not to let her fall down or cry. I don't know how she is bearing all this no."

She Was BroughtTo Hospital With Suspicion That She Is Suffering From Cancer

First round of blood tests did not confirm that she has cancer. It was the second test that showed she has cancer. It was a shock to Saba's parents who did not know what to do. They approached their close relatives who refused to help. Even now, the family has not come to terms with the fact that she has cancer. Saba's education has been stopped.

She is undergoing treatment at Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore.

How You Can Help

With our support Saba can come out of cancer and lead a normal life. Her father runs from pillar to post seeking support but this is a huge amount for him. Funds collected will be utilized to help Saba's treatment.

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