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Help This Bus-Conductor Save His 1-Year-Old Baby From Cancer

1-year-old Ruthvik has blood cancer and so far, he has only known sickness all his life. His father Srinivas was a farmer, but he had to leave his village in Kolar and become a bus-conductor in Bangalore for Ruthvik's treatment. He has exhausted all his resources and needs help saving his son.

Ruthvik has finished multiple cycles of chemotherapy and needs further treatment for the next 6 months

Srinivas has earned nothing in the last one month

“I came to Bangalore and became a bus-conductor for BMTC on contract basis. Every month, I am paid depending on the number of days I work. But the last one month, Ruthvik has been very sick so we had to visit the hospital almost every other day. I  couldn't attend work and was paid nothing,” Srinivas explains

Ruthvik has taken 10 cycles of chemotherapy for the cancer and the next 6-months his parents have been asked to keep a close eye on his condition. Even the slightest change in his condition needs to be reported to the doctor or his life could be in danger. 

Ruthvik's parents Srinivas and Chaithra have moved to Bangalore to be close to the hospital

Because of the strict warnings, Srinivas and his wife Chaithra have moved to Bangalore to make sure Ruthvik is close to the hospital. Despite his determination to save his son, sometimes the task seems overwhelming to Srinivas because there is no one he can turn to for help in this time of difficulty.

Till now he has used up all his savings and heavily borrowed and spent over Rs 6 lakhs on Ruthvik's treatment. He needs another 6.3 lakhs to complete Ruthvik's treatment and save him from the aggressive blood cancer that is wracking his body. 

Cancer has not stopped Ruthik from taking his first steps and learning new words 

The nightmare started 3 months back when their baby developed cancer

Ruthvik had just completed one year when they found a lump in his neck. When they took him to the hospital – a cancer diagnosis was the last thing Srinivas and Chaithra expected. Ruthvik needed an immediate operation that removed the cancerous lump. 

Not one, but three lumps were removed from Ruthvik's body and he started chemotherapy immediately. Finding the money for the treatment has been an uphill struggle for Srinivas. They sold off what little possessions they had to make sure Ruthvik got his treatment. 
Ruthvik's doting older sister Kirthana is at home in the village. She calls every day to talk to her brother and ask him to get better soon

“We were very desperate, we asked everyone for help. The doctors put us in touch with a foundation and some relatives have lent me some money. I've borrowed so much more money than I have ever seen. I have to repay this amount eventually but my baby's life is invalueable,” he says.

At first, Srinivas travelled daily from Kolar to Bangalore, but slowly realised that moving to the city was a better choice. He became a conductor to support the family. Fortunately, he began to earn Rs 11,000 per month which was more than what he earned as a farmer. This helped him support Ruthvik's treatment so far. But for further chemotherapy, Srinivas has no funds left and he needs urgent help.

Ruthvik needs your help winning his fight against cancer

Help Srinivas save his 1-year-old baby

Ruthvik has a very good chance of recovery if he gets the right treatment before the cancer spreads. The last few months have been a very difficult time for them, but not once did these brave parents give up hope. Your contribution will help them save their child's life –making their painful struggle worth it.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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