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His Twin Sister Prays For Him At Home As This 2-Year-Old Bravely Fights Cancer

Friends and neighbours would get confused between little Rupam and his twin sister Raima. So many people used to ask Mohua how she would figure out who’s who - and she would always say, ‘A mother knows!’. It’s this intuitive feeling that scared Mohua when a month ago, Rupam started getting high fever. In a sad turn of fate, Mohua’s fears came true when her baby boy was diagnosed with blood cancer. 

Now the inseparable twins are far away from each other - one fighting a deadly disease and the other praying for his fast recovery.

I couldn’t even ignore the test results as a bad dream

Mohua and Rajiv’s days revolved around Rupam and Raima. The kids’ laughter filled the house and made everything joyous for the young parents. Until a month ago, Mohua used to complain about how mischievous both of them have become.


“But I noticed that suddenly he didn’t want to play at all. He would lie down on the bed and wouldn’t even walk two steps. He would always ask us to carry him, he said his knees were hurting. Soon, we noticed that he was turning pale - we got scared and took him to the doctor. I couldn’t even ignore it to be a bad dream as the test results were held to my face. I broke down realising my 2-year-old might die if we can’t afford the treatment,” - Mohua, mother.

Rupam wakes up every day hoping he would be at home

The desperate parents didn’t waste any time, gathered all they had and took their son to Chennai in hope of getting him cured. They rented a place near the hospital and have been staying there for the last month. But little Rupam hates it here. Away from his sister and his known surroundings, he is scared of the doctors and injections. 

“He is so weak now, he can’t even sit up with the help of pillows. He doesn’t even talk to us now - the only thing that brings a smile on his face is a video call with his sister. She tells him that she is praying for him everyday, I can’t stop my tears hearing that. How do I tell him that he needs to stay here for at least 6 more months?

I want to take my son home safe but how do I afford his treatment?

Rajiv is a farmer in East Midnapore, West Bengal. He owns a small piece of land and makes just about enough to support his family. But the poor farmer faced a severe blow when cyclone Fani struck.
“All our crops were destroyed, we have incurred heavy losses. And now even my savings are over. The money with which I came to Chennai with is almost over, I have already spent over 3 lakhs. I don’t even have the money to buy medicines for Rupam. The only way out is to sell my land but I know I will not get a good price. I need 10 lakhs to get my son treated - there is no way I can arrange for it without help,” - Rajiv, father.

Raima misses her brother dearly, she wants him to come back soon. But Rupam needs continued treatment to fight back cancer. You can help his poor father by making a generous contribution

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