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10-year-old Now Lying Unconscious In The ICU Will Lose His Life Without An Urgent Liver Transplant

"Yesterday night, suddenly he started to scream "Amma, I don't want injections.' He kept saying this continuously and I couldn't comfort him at all. In just a blink of my eyes, he fell unconscious. For a moment I thought I had lost him. Doctors said his bilirubin level has increased and they took him immediately for dialysis to bring down the level. He has not gained his consciousness yet. Only liver transplant can save him." - Sathya, Mother.

One week ago, when Rohith's condition was nearing critical

We had no clue that his liver is affected

When Rohith got jaundice in 2014, he took homeopathy medicines and it subsided within 2 weeks. His parents were shocked when he got it again last December but they never thought it would turn serious. He continued with homeopathy treatment but he did not recover at all. When his stomach started swelling, they took him to a local clinic in their hometown Dindigul and the doctors suggested to take him to Chennai for better treatment.

The disease was beginning to affect his brain and there was a chance he would slip into a coma

"We didn't know what was happening to him, his stomach kept swelling, he was screaming in pain, he vomited water. As soon as reached the hospital in Chennai, the fluid in his stomach was removed. Doctors said his liver is damaged fully and he needs transplant.- Sathya.

Long before the disease took over his body

Just when we felt relieved after finding a donor for him, his condition became worse

Rohith was given medication for jaundice. His swelling reduced after the fluid was removed but he couldn't eat properly and he was in constant pain. He became extremely weak from the high dosage of medicines and multiple injections. His parents did not have any second thoughts about donating their liver, they were willing to do anything to save him. Unfortunately, the reports confirmed that his parents are not a match. Two of his maternal uncles undergone pretransplant test but they were also not a match. Finally, his paternal uncle was found to be a match.

His parents did everything to arrange funds before the liver failure began to affect his brain

"We felt so helpless when we came to know that we cannot donate liver. It was so traumatic, he had unbearable pain. Just 2 days back we told him, that his uncle is donating a part of his liver and he would soon recover but now his condition has become worse, dialysis can't help him anymore, he needs transplant as soon as possible." - Prathap.

Today Rohith cannot even breathe on his own

"I borrowed money even for the donor tests, I cannot afford transplant"

Prathap is a supervisor in a private company, he earns Rs 20,000 per month. The day he got the donor results, he left town to do the paperwork for the transplant. He has not been to work for the past 2 weeks. He has spent nearly 3 lakh for the tests and medicines alone. He managed so far with the help of his friends and relatives. He needs 18 lakh for the transplant. He is already running out of time and there is no way that he can arrange such a huge amount.

Liver transplant is the last chance of survival for this 10-year-old. You can help him get it in time.

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 The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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