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Help 1-Year-Old Baby Rohit Who Is In The ICU Fighting A Life-Threatening Condition

1-year-old Rohit has been on ventilator support in the ICU for over 10 days. He was rushed to the hospital when he went into a state of Anaphylactic Shock, an extreme allergic reaction that can be fatal. Rohit had only just learnt to crawl, and now he’s fighting to stay alive in the hospital as several tubes and needles are pierced into his tiny body. He needs to stay in the hospital for 10 more days to get better and go back home to his parents.

He Stopped Breathing After Medication And Was Rushed To The ICU

Rohit’s father, Gajendra, and his wife had taken him to the doctor when he began to cry due to a fever. Rohit was first diagnosed with Malaria, and was given medication for the same. Gajendra thought his baby was not in pain anymore. He was happy to take his now smiling baby home. However, their relief was short lived. Rohit had a severe allergic reaction to the medication and went into anaphylactic shock. He was gasping for air, and then suddenly stopped breathing. His parents were unable to understand what was happening to their little one.

Gajendra and Rohit at home

“He was in extreme pain, but he couldn’t even cry. I will never forget my baby’s face when he went he became so still. We thought we were helping him by getting him medicines for his fever. I didn’t ever think it was possible for something like this to happen. In that moment, we thought we’d lost him.“

But they quickly rushed him to the hospital and Rohit was immediately put on ventilator support. He started breathing again and Rohit was saved. 

No One To Lend A Helping Hand

Gajendra and his wife also have a 3-year-old son who needs their constant care and attention. They take turns to stay in the hospital, but now they don’t know how they’re going to manage further. They are also worried about the expenses. They have to pay for rent, home expenses and Rohit's hospital bills.

“I’ve begged many people to help us. I’ve cried and explained my son’s critical condition to them, but no one’s coming forward to help. What do I do now? It’s becoming very difficult to manage everything at home and the hospital.”

Rohit at home before he became sick

Rohit needs to be on ventilator support for the next 10 days. He needs Rs. 5.5 Lakhs to be able to stay in the ICU and get further treatment. Gajendra works as an electrician and can’t afford the large amount required for his son’s treatment. With no family support, Gajendra is helpless.

“I feel like crying every time I see Rohit. He’s so small and he’s fighting such a big battle. I want to hold him again, and do everything I can to make him forget this pain. If I can’t pay for his treatment, I will lose him forever.”

Baby Rohit hasn’t given up. With further ICU care, he can get better and have a chance at a healthy childhood.

How You Can Help

Baby Rohit needs stay on ventilator support for the next 10 days. He has been in the ICU since November 25 for Anaphylactic shock after an allergic reaction to medication. He needs Rs. 5.5 lakhs to continue receiving treatment. His father works as an electrician and can’t afford the amount needed. This little baby is fighting hard to go back home to his parents again.

Your support will ensure Baby Rohit lives to see a bright future.
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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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