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This Disabled Father Continues To Fight To Save His Son From Rapidly Spreading Chest Tumor Despite Being Refused Help

About a month back, Reena noticed a slight swelling on the left side Rohit's chest while she was helping him change his clothes. She asked him if his chest hurt and when Rohit said yes, she got scared.
“My husband and I wasted no time and took him to a local doctor. But instead of giving him medicine, they told us that Rohit’s condition is serious. He has a tumor in his chest and we had to take him to Kolkata, immediately,” - Reena, mother.

An accident at a young age has left Rohit’s father disabled - he is unable to work regularly

Rohit’s father, Moloy has never had an easy life - a fire accident in his childhood has disabled his right hand. Since then, it has become very difficult for him to get a stable job.
“Sometimes, I work as a gardener and make about Rs 150 but nothing is permanent. But my son has a rapidly spreading tumor in his chest. He needs several rounds of chemotherapy and I feel helpless as I have no money to continue his treatment,” - Moloy, father.

7-year-old Rohit is embarrassed that he is wetting his pants  

Rohit has Ewing's Sarcoma - a cancerous tumor is growing in the soft tissues of his left chest wall. He has already undergone 3 cycles of chemo but he needs the treatment for another year. The chemotherapy is taking a toll on his body - there is an infection in his body because of which the little boy can’t hold back his urine.

“He has always been a shy child and now he is very embarrassed to go out and talk to other children in the ward. We try to make him understand that this will go away soon but day by day he is drawing into a shell,” - Reena, mother.

My relatives have stopped helping me with money for my son’s treatment - they think I can’t pay them back

Moloy never had a permanent job in his life. He has no savings. He has been borrowing from his relatives and employers for his son's treatment. Now, even they have denied him help.
“I can understand their fear. They know that treatment for this deadly disease costs a lot. They think I won’t be able to repay their loans because I am unable to get regular work. But without help I would never be able to afford 8 lakhs for Rohit’s treatment. Please help me,” - Moloy,father.  
Moloy is a helpless father who is not able to continue his son's treatment. He is disabled and can't get work on a regular basis. He needs your help to save his 7-year-old son 

Supporting Document

 The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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