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This Boy Needs Your Help Today To Survive A Disease That Nearly Killed Him Once

“When he started bleeding from his mouth, we took him to the dentist thinking maybe it is something to do with his gums. The dentist removed dozens of stone like structures from inside his mouth, which we later found out were blood clots. We had never seen anything like it before.” – Kesar Ben, mother

Just like you, Kesar Ben and Zameel didn’t think that their son’s fever would turn out to be a dangerous blood disease. 9-year-old Rizwan has only been suffering. His body has stopped producing new blood cells. As of yesterday, Rizwan’s condition has become critical. He needs an urgent bone marrow transplant to survive.

The disease has almost killed him once, it can happen again

Rizwan loves to study. He was always top of his class at school and even wanted to become a doctor to save lives. But this little boy cannot even keep his eyes open for more than a minute because he is that weak. He bleeds from his nose and mouth. Post his diagnosis, Rizwan suffered from a severe case of pneumonia. This disease almost drained the life out of him. He has reached a very critical stage where an urgent bone marrow transplant is going to be his only hope. His brother Adnan (7), as well as his sister Fareen (5), are both matched donors. His treatment is only pending due to financial restraint.

Rizwan hasn’t given up, and neither should you-you can save him

Even now if someone asks him what he wants to become, Rizwan murmurs that he wants to be a doctor. Despite everything he's been through. He says it's because he knows the suffering patients go through, he's even more determined to help them.

Running around from hospital to hospital, watching his body turn blackish and going through one deadly disease after another, my Rizu has not given up. He still wants to go back to school and study. I keep praying to God to not take our kind-hearted child away but his health just keeps getting worse. His brother and sister are waiting from their elder brother to come home and play with them.” - Kesar Ben

Nothing they do on their own is enough to save their child

Rizwan’s father, Zameel, works as a carpenter in the town of Jalgaon. He supports a family of 5 with a mere income of Rs. 8000 a month. Until now he thought his salary was enough to suffice the general needs and education of his children, but for the first time, he feels that nothing he does is going to be good enough to save his brave baby. Zameel and Kesar are in urgent need of your help for saving their child, without which they will lose him.

Rizwan is running out of time. He can't make it without your help.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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