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This Farmer Who Struggles To Even Feed His 3-Year-Old Needs Help To Save Him In 24 Hours

“I have 2000 rupees right now. I thought I could use this money to pay rent for this week, that somehow by a miracle my son could get his transplant, and we could all go home. Now, it looks like we have to go home and watch him die.” - Ranjeet Singh (Father)

Riyansh is 3 years old. He has been fighting liver disease from birth, and today it has advanced, so much that he needs a liver transplant to survive. In fact, his parents fear he may not live past this week. They may have to get him discharged tomorrow as they have no more money for his hospital expenses.

They traveled across the country and back hoping for a miracle to save their son

Only 4 days old, Riyansh had jaundice. For 3 months, his health kept deteriorating. There was a day that his body temperature rose to 107F. Preeti, Riyansh's mother. thought he would die and rushed him to a hospital in Lucknow.

With medicines, Riyansh eventually recovered. However, over 7 times in less than 5 months, he landed in the ICU with increasingly severe symptoms that required endoscopic treatment. Ranjeet and Preeti did not even know how to react when his diagnosis came. Riyansh’s liver was failing.

“He was on medication for a while. They said it could help. When it got too expensive, we opted for homeopathy. I guess his condition was already so bad that no medicine could have helped. Many more visits to the ICU later, we landed in Vellore. They told us that the only option to save Riyansh is a liver transplant.” - Preeti

He grows crops to feed the country and yet he cannot feed his own son

Ranjeet could not afford to buy food that can help Riyansh gain weight, leave alone pay lakhs for a transplant. Riyansh looks smaller than his 1-year-old brother. In fact, he has not even taken his first steps. He weighs 6 kilos, half the normal weight of a 3-year-old. He is malnourished and stunted in growth – primarily because his liver is unable to function. The parents have to keep him on a strict diet, of nutrient-rich food so he can stay alive or proceed with the transplant immediately. Unfortunately, Ranjeet is left with only 2000 rupees.
“I am a farmer from Jahanabad, Bihar. I was supposed to plant wheat crops this month. Riyansh’s condition got critical so we came to Delhi. We had to leave our 1-year-old son, Priyansh with my in-laws because we cannot afford to feed another mouth. Right now, it looks like we cannot feed even Riyansh. I don’t know what I will lose him to first, the disease or malnutrition.” - Ranjeet

One look at Riyansh, you see a baby barely clinging onto life by a thread

Over the years Riyansh’s disease progressed. His veins show through his skin. They are fragile. His organs are underdeveloped. He needed dialysis, transfusions and IV meds. You can see that he is unable to sit even for 5 minutes and topples sideways from the weight of his bloated belly. He cannot even take a solid meal and survives on a liquid diet. In fact, his parents have to hold the instrument and tap until his body gets the last drop. Anything less could starve his body.

“He keeps calling for me all the time. ‘Papa! Papa!’ and I hear his pain. He feels better when I hold him. At home, I took him to the field with me to distract him. Here he cannot go out of this room. I did everything possible for him but it is not enough. I came here with Rs. 20,000. I had to borrow more to admit him. We now have bills due. We cannot even do tests anymore to find out how he is." - Ranjeet

Here's how you can help this farmer save his son

"If I don’t get money for his transplant now, I have to get him discharged tomorrow. I am not prepared to watch him die. I will give both my kidneys and liver if it means saving him, but it does not matter if I cannot pay for the test or procedure.” - Ranjeet

Riyansh is running out time. The situation is worse because his father cannot keep him alive at home. He cannot provide the food Riyansh’s body needs to barely survive. Only your support can save this little one now.

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