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The Only Option Left To Save This 1-Year-Old Is A liver Transplant, But His Parents Cannot Afford It

Rishu is just 1-year-old. He was diagnosed with liver tumour when he was just 7 months old. His father, Santosh, is a shopkeeper in Patna and his mother is a home maker. The family has been in Mumbai for past 4 months for treatment of their youngest son. As it stands, Rishu has to now undergo a liver transplant to get rid of the tumour.

“Imagine you’re playing with your baby one moment and the next you’re rushing him to hospital to get his chemotherapy. We were devastated. There were times when I would feel that this is all a bad dream and I just needed to wake up to make this all go”, said Santosh. 

Rishu needs an urgent liver transplant

When the baby was just 7-month-old, his parents discovered unexplained tightness around his stomach. The family waited for the condition to subside, but seeing it didn’t, they rushed him to a local doctor in Patna. Soon, the doctors diagnosed him with a tumor in his liver. Upon conducting further tests, the tumor was identified as cancerous.

The family started his preliminary treatment in Patna itself, but as Rishu wasn’t getting any better, the doctors referred him to Tata Hospital in Mumbai.

As of now, Rishu has undergone nine cycles of chemotherapy, however, to little improvement The only option left to save this 1-year-old now is through a liver transplant.

Baby Rishu's father has come forward to donate his liver to save him

 A donor needs to be identified for the transplant. Santosh has undergone all the required tests, and is a healthy match for a living donor to Baby Rishu.

“I would even give my life for him, donating a part of liver is only a small sacrifice”, said Santosh.

Her parents are struggling to arrange for funds

Santosh has managed all the treatment expenses till now but he is unable to arrange the funds for the transplant. He owns a small shop in Patna and earns upto Rs. 14,000 per month.

“My other kid is 6-year-old and goes to school. I and my wife have to manage that expense as well. We have been moving hospital since he was 7-month-old. We have exhausted whatever little saving we had. The doctors have scheduled the operation for next week. No matter what, I have to arrange fund by then. I am really worried how I will manage to arrange that much money by next week. We hardly sleep at night. First we had to see our baby writhing in pain and now we are struggling to arrange the funds that could save his life”, said his father.

How can you help?

Rishu’s parents are trying their best to arrange the funds for his transplant. Pre-transplant tests have begun but the expenses are increasing than expected. Funds raised through this fundraiser campaign will him to undergo the transplant on time. 

Supporting documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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