Baby Reshikesh is dying of cancer, your help is the only hope of survival for him | Milaap
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Baby Reshikesh is dying of cancer, your help is the only hope of survival for him

We have not told Reshikesh about cancer, he thinks doctors are giving him injections because he never used to eat properly. The pain is too much to bear for a 5-year-old kid but he silently endures the pain with a hope that it might be the last time he is going through all this.
This is the time my son would be playing around with other kids, but his life is all about hospital bed, injections, and painful treatment.

My son was suffering from Cancer but we thought its dengue

My son was suffering from leg pain and fever, we thought it's some casual fever which will be fine with general medication. We took him to a local hospital where he was suspected of dengue. He was given 15 days of medication but things didn’t improve. We didn’t know why is our son not keeping well. We went to many doctors and tried out all possible treatment for Reshikesh. It is only last month that a city scan revealed he is suffering from cancer. Our world came to an end, for last 5 months we were going around doing all types of treatment but never thought in our worst dreams that it could be cancer that too 4th stage.

My son's life is very precious  but his treatment is unfordable for me

I worked in a shop with a monthly income of Rs. 10,000 but I had to quit to take care of my son. Now I have no money to manage my household expenses.
Doctors are trying their best but our hands are tied to poverty, we can in no way arrange for such an expensive treatment. He needs 12 sets of chemo therapy out of which he is already given 3 rounds of chemo. Now he is suffering from pneumonia as a side effect of chemo therapy. I don't know how will I save my son, He is in so much pain, he cries a lot whenever he has to undergo chemotherapy. I console him by saying this is the last time. He will be fine and we will take him home. It breaks my heart to lie to him, but I have no other options.

How you can help

Reshikesh needs 6.12 lakhs for his treatment.
What ever money his father had arranged from his relatives and by pledging some jewelry are exhausted in his treatment so far.His condition is deteriorating every day. He won't live if we cannot continue his chemotherapy. We are trying very hard to arrange for funds, all efforts will be in vain if funds are not arranged. Our son’s life is in your hands. Only you can help us keep the promise of taking him back home soon and relieve him from this world of pain and sufferings.
The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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