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This Farmer Is Struggling To Save His 9-Year-Old Son From Blood Cancer

Renukesh has become unrecognisable now. He was once an active, energetic boy, but he suddenly became too tired and weak to do anything. His concerned father, Parmesh, took him to a doctor in their village in Bagalur. A few tests later, Parmesh was told that his son had blood cancer. Renukesh was taken to Bangalore where he started chemotherapy. Renukesh has been responding well to the treatment. However, he needs chemotherapy and treatment for the next 6 months to be cancer free.

A diagnosis that took away his childhood

Renukesh loved going to school. He did well in all his exams and always showed interest in reading new books. However, it’s been almost a year since Renukesh went to school. He’s in the hospital for chemotherapy once every month, travelling from his home in Bagalur to Bangalore. He misses his home and school very much.

“He was such a good student. He stood 2nd all sections of the class. We feel so proud of him when his teachers tell us. He’s such a well-behaved child. He’s never troubled us or wronged any one. I don’t know why he has to go through all this pain. He’s lost so much weight, and a part of his face is swollen. He’s getting better, but it’s not been an easy journey for him,” says Parmesh.

The new year this January brought only ache and misery to this bright, young boy. Renukesh was taken to the doctor for fatigue, but was diagnosed with blood cancer instead. Overnight, Renukesh had to stop doing everything he loved. He couldn’t go to school or play with his friends anymore. The childhood he once knew, was now over.

His family’s financial struggle is holding Renukesh back from recovery

Parmesh has been Renukesh’s pillar of strength. He hasn’t missed a single doctor’s appointment and stays with him in the hospital during chemotherapy. Parmesh knew he had to do what it takes to make sure his son gets his treatment, but he’s very worried about paying for further treatment.

“I borrowed from friends and family, and somehow managed to arrange 2 lakhs for chemotherapy. If my son doesn’t get this treatment, I will lose him forever. I'm only a small farmer. I have no way to get more money,” Parmesh explains.

Parmesh is a small farmer and makes a living by growing vegetables. Renukesh’s mother is a housewife. Renukesh has an older, 11-year-old brother who now goes to school without his little brother. Renukesh has stayed away from family for a long period of time. 

Every day he asks me when he can go back home and meet his mother and brother. I keep telling him that we only have to be here for a few more days, but he now knows that’s not true. He is also terrified of coming back to the hospital every time we go back home.”

Renukesh has a good chance of recovery. He has been undergoing chemotherapy since his diagnosis, and requires treatment for 6 more months to get completely better. Renukesh needs Rs 4 lakhs for chemotherapy to beat blood cancer. Parmesh can’t afford this large amount required any more and is desperately looking for a helping hand.

How You Can Help

9-year-old Renukesh has been receiving treatment for blood cancer since January. His father, Parmesh, has held his hand throughout this unfortunate time, but now needs your help to save his son. Parmesh can’t afford to pay Rs 4 lakhs for his son’s chemotherapy. With further treatment, Renukesh can get better and go back to being the active boy he was.

Your support will save Renukesh and give him a chance at a bright future once again.
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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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