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Single Mother Who Cannot Even Afford A Meal Struggles To Save Her 19-Year-Old Daughter From Cancer

I live every second with a constant fear of losing my young daughter, she is suffering from high fever and severe body pain for past 8 months. But I've stayed strong to fight alone but her health was constantly deteriorating. At times, she is so consumed by the illness that she will just be confined to bed and will not even have energy to express her pain. I often see tears rolling down her cheek and when I try to console her she turns away and doesn’t talk to me. I can't bear to watch her suffer like this. When she questions about her sickness, I don’t have the strength to tell her that cancer might take her life soon.” - Rihanna, Reena’s mother.

The fatal disease has left this poor mother completely shattered

Rihanna is a single mother of four young children who struggles everyday to meet the ends. As she takes care of 19-year-old Reena, her eldest daughter quit her job which was the only means of income to take care of her younger sister who is mentally challenged. Adding to the burden of everyday struggle of food and living, they are now battling with Reena’s cancer. 

“Eight months ago, my Reena fell sick with dengue fever. She had grave joint pains and even after frequent hospital admissions and proper use of medicines her condition only got worse. I panicked as she never fell ill for this long and the high fever and pains are not letting her out of bed. I took her to a private hospital and they told us that she was suffering from cancer. I broke down the moment I realized that my daughter is on the verge of death.” - Rihanna.

Only an urgent treatment can save Reena from cancer

19-year-old Reena is suffering from B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), a severe form of blood cancer which produces an abnormal number of white blood cells in the body. She urgently needs Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation treatment to prevent cancer to spread in the body. The mother had struggled to provide intense chemotherapy for six months but she is unable to afford the only treatment that can help her daughter survive.

“My daughter cries daily with a severe stomach ache. Sometimes, it is so severe that she tries to stay as still as possible because even the slightest movement will cause her unbearable pain. I find her weeping silently in pain after the injections. She becomes tensed and worried whenever we come to the hospital. She knew that instead of buying vegetables, I am using the little money we have for her treatment. When she asks with a little ounce of energy that is left in her,  “Ammi, did you and sisters had food?” I just go out of the room and burst into tears to let out the burden from my heart. In the dreadful condition that we are living in, how do I save her?” - Rihanna.

This unemployed mother cannot save her young daughter from death

Rihanna is unable to go for any work as she is taking care of Reena. It has been a year that she stopped working as a helper in a garment store which was helping her to feed her children and provide education. She has nearly spent 5 lakhs to save her daughter. Now the family is left with no income and are overburdened with the expenses of the treatment.

“I have borrowed huge sum of money on interest for my child’s treatment and for our survival as well. The days when my daughter doesn’t need to stay or visit the hospital I go out in search of work. It has been a year that I haven’t found a single job that allows me work from home so that I can also take care of Reena. No work means no food for us, it has become extremely difficult for me to run the house and affording her treatment which costs 2 lakhs is beyond my means. I have exhausted all that I had and I am left with nothing to save her, please help me.” - Rihanna.

How You Can Help

19-year-old Reena is suffering from a severe form of blood cancer, she urgently needs a treatment to prevent cancer to spread in her body. Rihanna is a single mother who has no source of income, she is unable to work as she is taking care of her sick daughter. Reena has a good chance of total recovery but the poor mother cannot afford the treatment that can save her daughter’s life.

Your kind contribution can save Reena.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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