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This Mother Is Determined To Fight Blood Cancer For Her 4-Yea-Old Son

I was so stunned when the doctor said the words 'You have cancer’. People say that your whole life flashes by you. That you start thinking about all the things you’ve done, all the things you didn’t get to do. But my first and only thought was Anmol, my son. 
All I could think about was that I couldn’t leave him. So I fought. And I... I thought I won.
– Ranjana

It was April of last year when Ranjana found out she had cancer. Once she got the diagnosis, Ranjana suffered through months of chemotherapy and then a very expensive stem-cell transplant to rid herself of her disease. Her ordeal had been very painful, but she fought for her family’s sake... for her son and for the man who was the love of her life. It had cost them everything they had; their savings, the money their families gave them, their house. But they didn't get to have their happy ending.

Ranjana was declared cancer-free one year ago, but last month it relapsed 

There’s no easy way to tell your relatives that you have cancer, that you might be dying. And it's hard to respond to something like that as well. Some say ‘I’m sorry’, some say 'Everything happens for a reason'. Some ask for details. ‘How many days do you have left?’, ‘Will it be painful?’.

The phone call with my mom was the worst; she was the first person I called last year, as soon as I found out. She didn’t say anything, just started crying. I could... hear her heart break. Last month, I had to make that same call a second time. I had to break my mother’s heart all over again.

Durga is not prepared to lose the love of his life to cancer, but he's helpless

Sometimes I think I’ve loved her all my life... We met when we were kids, she was my new neighbor. We were classmates, then friends, we fell in love, we got married. Now we’re 30 and have a kid of our own. She’s still the same beautiful girl I fell in love with, you know? I have... forgotten what life without her is like. Last year, I almost found out; cancer almost took her from me. But she made it, I saved her. Now... I’m reliving my worst nightmare. The cancer is back, and this time it’s beyond me.
– Durga, husband

Only a stem-cell transplant can save Ranjana’s life - she wants to keep fighting, for her family

Anmol was telling me the other day that I should sell all his toys, so that we'll have enough money for my treatment because he doesn't want me to go... I cannot leave him behind. I have to survive.

Cancer already took everything from this family. Now that the cancer has relapsed, Ranjana wants to keep fighting. But she has been fighting for more than a year now, and she’s tired. She’s relying on you now, to keep her fight alive. 

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Patient Ranjana Chettri is 29 years old, living in Siliguri, West Bengal
Being treated in Cmc Hospital, Vellore

Receiving Bone Marrow Transplant treatment for Blood Cancer

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