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Help 28-Year-Old Randhir Whose Cancer Relapsed And Is Now Struggling To Survive Kidney Failure

Randhir (28) has finally woken up after 15 days in the ICU on ventilator support, but his fight is long from over. He has been battling blood cancer for over 2 years now. Just when he thought he was recovering after a bone-marrow transplant in April 2017, Randhir’s condition only worsened. Randhir developed severe pneumonia and kidney failure. His only chance to survive is further treatment in the hospital until his condition stabilizes.

Randhir has had an endless battle with cancer

Randhir was first diagnosed with cancer in June 2015, when he went for a tooth checkup. He never imagined life to take such a drastic turn. Nevertheless, Randhir remained positive. He completed chemotherapy and thought that he was finally cancer-free. Unfortunately, his cancer was relentless. Within 3 months of treatment, it relapsed.

Randhir before his illness

“My son is very strong. When his cancer relapsed, he went to the hospital himself and handled everything on his own until we came to Bangalore from Patna. Despite suffering so much, his first thought is always about how we will handle it. Even with all the pain, he manages to stay brave, but sometimes willpower just isn’t enough. His mind is strong, but his body seems to be giving up.” - Verendra, Randhir's father.

Randhir underwent chemotherapy again after his cancer relapsed and due to the severity of his condition, had to have a bone-marrow transplant in April 2017. While he thought it was finally the end of his suffering and he was on the road to recovery, life threw him another curveball. Randhir developed serious complications after the transplant and was admitted to the ICU in January for pneumonia and kidney failure.

Despite his willpower, Randhir’s body will give up without treatment

Randhir has suffered for two long years with blood cancer, but that never made him give up. He remained brave and independent.

“I remember him telling me a few months back that he felt like everything is going to get better for him now. He thought that everything that could go wrong, has already gone wrong and now was his time to get better and healthy again. It makes me so sad to see my son lying on a hospital bed, unable to speak or move. No one deserves to go through this.”

Randhir (left) with friends

Randhir is a software engineer who worked for an IT company in Bangalore. Even during chemotherapy, he would try and work as much as he could. Cancer couldn’t break his spirit, but it has made his body extremely weak. Randhir is still fighting for his life in the hospital, but his parents have no means to continue his treatment.

Randhir has exhausted all his savings, and his father can't afford to continue treatment

Randhir has used up all his savings to pay for his numerous medical bills over the years. Virendra is a farmer in Patna, Bihar, and can’t afford to pay for his son's treatment. Randhir hasn’t been able to go to work for two years now, and with no income, he has no way to pay for his treatment.

“He was able to pay for his treatment using his savings, but now he has nothing left. I’ve sold my land in our hometown, but it's not enough”

Randhir's parents

Randhir needs 13 lakhs to continue getting the intensive treatment required for pneumonia and kidney failure. While Randhir is off ventilator support, he still can’t breathe on his own. Randhir can get better, but he needs your help and support to finally make it out of this ordeal and live to see a future.

How You Can Help

Randhir needs to continue treatment in the hospital to get better and recover from the serious complications he developed after his bone marrow transplant. His condition is gradually improving, but he needs to remain under strict observation to begin his road to recovery. Randhir has had a long fight with cancer and thought his battle was finally over, but his troubles have only increased. His kidneys are failing and he needs your urgent help to continue getting treatment.

Your support can save Randhir’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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