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3-Year-Old’s First Trip To The Big City Was To Fight Deadly Blood Cancer, Needs Urgent Help

Rajeev and his family belong to a very remote village in West Bengal, where the  houses are not plastered and lanes are so narrow that vehicles cannot pass. This curious 3-year-old always told his parents Vinod and Mamta that he longed to go to the big city one day – where they have ‘tall buildings and fast-fast cars’. Despite knowing that their poverty would never let them travel to a metro for fun, they assured him that they would indeed take him one day. But that day came too soon – they had to rush him to a good hospital in Kolkata as he was diagnosed with acute blood cancer.

“Look at his fate – he always longed to come to Kolkata and his wish is finally fulfilled but in such a cruel way. They call this the city of joy but now it’s the city of sorrow for us as we are struggling to save him,”-Mamta, mother

Little Rajeev fought for his life in the ICU for many days

Rajeev was a happy-go-lucky kid who loved building castles in the sand and playing with the kids in his neighborhood. He always had a cheerful smile on his face. But on the 5th of March this year, he fell terribly sick. He had a stomach pain that made him cry all day long. Nobody in the village could tell what was wrong with him.

“All the doctors in our village and the neighboring villages had given up hope. We were forced to go to Kolkata overnight. Over there, they told us it was blood cancer. We didn’t understand what it means except that his life was in danger. He was also admitted in the ICU for days as he was suffering from an infection and his body was very weak. We thought we would lose him, but he held on,”-Vinod

His father is suffering from an undiagnosed disease that has made him unfit to work for years now

Rajeev’s father Vinod used to work in a garment shop in his village for a salary of Rs 9,000 per month. With great difficulty, he was able to feed his family of four – wife Mamta, son Rajeev  (3) and daughter Ananya (6). But a few years back, he started fainting regularly while walking. He was bedridden for many days and eventually stopped going to work. No doctor has been able to diagnose him – today he is better but he cannot walk properly and the trip to Kolkata has worsened his condition.

“I am not feeling well but that is secondary now. My son’s life is most important to me. We don’t have money for even meals and eat whatever the hospital staff gives us. My daughter had to stop going to school as we all came down here from the village. All our lives are at a standstill now,”-Vinod

How you can help

By borrowing from villagers and his relatives, Vinod was able to pay for the journey from his village to Kolkata and treatment expenses till now. Rajeev has undergone 2 rounds of chemotherapy till now, but he needs prolonged chemo for over 2 years to completely recover. His parents don’t know anyone in Kolkata and don’t have the means to continue his treatment either.

With your kind contribution, these poor parents will be able to save their son from a tragic end

Supporting document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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