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Once An Active Man, Rajarajan Now Struggles To Walk Because of Parkinson's Disease

“His condition is getting worse. It is only  a matter of time before the memory loss symptoms start”

Lokeshwari is worried about her father Rarajaran. 61 year old Rajarajan has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease- a progressive disease that usually ends up with the person unable to speak, and carry out normal functions on their own.

Rajarajan used to single-handedly manage a steel furniture business. In his prime, this involved heavy lifting and moving of furniture. Rajarajan used to pride himself on being able to manage to shop and customers on his own.

As the man of the house, he also insisted on carrying out all errands in the house- including all home repair efforts. Now, he struggles to walk on his own, and cannot even pick up a glass of water without trembling.

A small and happy family:

Rajarajan has been married to Rajeshwari for many years. The couple has two children- 24 year old Lokeshwari, and 25 year old Prashant. Rajarajan used to run a small steel furniture business in their native town of Ambur. However, because of his illness, the business was making a loss and finally shut down over five years ago.

Prashant is with his parents in Ambur as he is looking for a job. Lokeshwari works as an engineer in a small firm in Chennai, and she supports the family.

How it all began:

In 2011, the family noticed that Rajarajan was having tremors in his hand. They thought it was a common side effect of age, and did not take it seriously. Only when the tremors got strong, did they go to a small clinic in Vellore. Doctors treated him with common medicines, and said everything was going to be alright.
As the tremors worsened, doctors finally diagnosed Rajarajan with Parkinson’s disease. They did not explain this disease to the family.

“We had no idea it was a progressive disease. We thought that he would get better with the medicines!”

A disease that only grew worse:

Rajarajan continued to suffer the effects of Parkinson’s.  Symptoms continued getting worse until January of 2017, when things took a very bad turn. Alarmed, the family rushed to admit him in MIOT Chennai. Doctors told the family that the only option for Rajarajan to recover was a DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation surgery). This could help him stay active and fight Parkinon’s.

This surgery would involve sending electronic pulses into Rajarajan’s brain and thus fighting effects of Parkinson’s.

Time is running out:

“Doctors have said that the surgery has to happen immediately, before more symptoms show. But I cannot afford it. How can I watch my own father forget me?”
The next stage of Parkinson’s disease will mean that Rajarajan will forget his family, and will not be able to move on his own. Slowly, he will not be able to speak as well. The DBS surgery has to happen before these symptoms show.

How can you help?

Lokeshwari is only 24 years old but she is the bread winner of her family. This young woman cannot afford the cost of her father’s surgery. The estimated cost of surgery is over Rs 10 lakhs. She is desperate to save her father, like any loving daughter. Your contribution can ensure that Rajarajan lives a longer, healthier life!

Help Save Rajarajan!