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These Children Are Waiting For Their Father To Come Home, Unaware That They'll Lose Him

“We were waiting for Dad to come home for this vacation. He comes to visits us only once in a year. This year, we were excited because he said he has resigned from his job in Saudi and he'll  be with us from now on. He promised us to take to Marina beach, we have come to Chennai for the first time but he is in the ICU now and he is hardly able to talk to us. Whenever they let us inside the ICU we tell him our plans, he says he'll come back soon. My mother is crying all the time but we are confident because our father has always kept his promises, he will not disappoint us - Janusraphine , 14-year-old, elder son of Raja.

Raja with his family during last vacation'

Raja's liver disease was diagnosed the very next day he came to India 

Earlier this year, Raja visited a hospital in Saudi because of his recurrent abdominal pain, he was prescribed medicines and he thought he would get better. Last month, he came to his home town Madurai after resigning his job. He still had abdominal pain and his wife Josephine noticed that he was not eating like before. She took him to the hospital and the she was devastated to know that his liver has damaged completely and needs a liver transplant at the earliest.

Little boys are waiting impatiently outside the ICU for their father to come back

 Janusraphine (14) and his brother Jensrodney (10) miss their day miserably but they do not express it. They have a fading smile of hope on their faces. They are trying their best to adapt to these unfair changes yet they don’t allow anyone, even their mom to see their difficulties.

“I haven’t seen my kids breakdown or even cry over this which is a relief. But at the same time I’m shocked as to how composed they are for their age.  When I ask them if they are praying for their dad’s recovery, they tell me that I’ve no idea how badly they are praying every day.” – Josephine Mary.

They will lose their father forever if they do not get the funds at the right time

The family is barely managing to pay the daily expenses in the hospital. Raja was previously working in Saudi as a Manager in a private company and is the lone breadwinner of the family. With no income now, Josephine along with her boys is finding it extremely difficult to meet the ends. She is the donor for her husband but cannot afford 24 lakhs that is needed for the transplant.

“He had saved money for our children's education, we have exhausted all that, our relatives are helping us but nothing is enough. He is in so much of pain, he has no energy, all that he says is that he'll come back. My children are so hopeful and waiting every minute to be with him. If I fail to save him I can never face my children, please help me," - Josephine.

Your timely support can help these boys to save their dad’s life 

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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