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Pushpa's Body Has Stopped Producing Blood, She Seeks Help To Stay Alive For Her Young Children

"I feel so helpless seeing my wife suffer, I am scared that my wife will die because of me, it is my financial condition that is killing my wife. I can never forgive myself if I cannot save my family from this misery."

We thought she will be fine in a few days but her condition deteriorated drastically.

Pushpa was leading a very happy life with her husband, Manjunath, and two kids, she with her husband has to work really hard to make both ends meet but otherwise, things were going well for Pushpa. It was in the month of June that Pushpa was down with a fever. They never imagined it could turn out to be a life threatening disease for her. 
Her husband got scared seeing her condition and took her to another hospital. The doctors there told her that her platelet count has dropped. It has to be treated immediately or else things could get serious.

After moving around different hospitals, they came to know Pushpa is actually suffering from Aplastic Anemia, a medical condition where the body completely stops producing blood.The only way she can survive is-  a bone marrow transplant, the cost of which is way beyond the financial capacity of the family.

Her husband is in huge debt already, he cannot afford her treatment anymore

Pushpa’s husband can hardly earn Rs.10,000 per year from his agriculture business. He has already taken a loan for his wife’s treatment, he had to even sell jewellery to arrange money for her. They have already spent around 8 lakhs for her treatment so far.

We are from a small village near Sidlaghatta. For my wife’s treatment in Bangalore, we have to leave our kids in our relative’s house. I travel daily from Sidlaghatta to Bangalore. I cannot even afford a rented house in Bangalore.  

Pushpa’s kids have no idea that their mother is dying. For them, their mother suffering from fever and will be back very soon. They are only allowed to meet their mother on weekends. They just wonder why is Pushpa not staying with them like other mothers.

“Why is Amma not coming with us home?  Will she leave us?  We miss her a lot"  -these are questions of their kids to which Manjunath has no answer".

A donor has been found but her treatment is unaffordable for her family

Pushpa is lucky to have a perfectly matched donor- her sister, but the Bone Marrow Transplant will cost them around 18.5 lakhs. Her husband cannot arrange for such a huge amount of money all by himself.

How You Can Help

Your contribution can help Pushpa survive and get back home. Her family needs her. Only your kind hearted contribution can give Pushpa a new life. You are the only ray of hope for Pushpa and her little kids.

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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