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24-year-old Pruthvi Will Lose His Life to Cancer if He Does Not Get Treatment

Pruthvi was set to join his first job after completing his degree. This job meant a lot to him, because his family could really use to extra income. His parents had worked very hard through poverty to get him and his sister educated. Unfortunately, when it was finally Pruthvi's turn to give back. He was diagnosed with cancer leaving the whole family in utter shock and despair.

He was diagnosed with cancer and had to start chemo immediately

Two months before Pruthvi kept falling sick with fever. He thought it was a viral fever but he became very weak and had terrible leg pain. Having lost his strength completely, he fainted. He was rushed to the hospital and there, his family heard the most unexpected and terrible words. Pruthvi had cancer and needed chemotherapy at the earliest. Any delay would cause cancer to spread to other parts of his body.

Pruthvi has completed one round of chemotherapy and needs more rounds in the coming months. Despite the terrible side effects of the treatment like - fever, exhaustion, pain, and loss of his hair, he always stays upbeat to make sure his parents don't feel sad.

He suffers from terrible leg pain and fatigue

“To be honest, it seems unreal. It all happened in a matter of few of days. I can’t believe that I’m lying in bed and watching my 18 years of education, dreams, and hopes dying in front of my eyes. I should have been taking care of my parents and sister, instead, they are struggling to save my life” says Pruthvi.

His mother has to help him even to walk and use toilet

Pruthvi’s parents Chandrika and Kumar are from Birur, Karnataka. Pruthvi has a younger sister who is studying in college. Pruthvi is taking treatment in Bangalore and his mother lives in a rented room to take care of him. Chandrika has gathered all her strength to do everything possible to care for her son.

Pruthvi with his friends before he got sick

“I have to support him to walk, even to use a toilet. He pretends to be fine and confident; so am I. I don’t know how long we can endure this trauma. We may have to stop our daughter’s education. We can’t afford it anymore. What worse could happen than to see one of your child losing his life and the other at the risk of losing her education,” says Chandrika

His family have exhausted all the savings and cannot afford treatment anymore

How can you help

Pruthvi’s father has a small plantation in Birur and has no one to support him. He has already spent more than 7 lakhs on treatment. His friends and family supported him so far and now they are left with nothing. Pruthvi needs to continue intensive treatment for next 18 months and this would require Rs 18 lakhs which is beyond their means. Pruthvi has a good chance of recovery with uninterrupted treatment. He can get well and go back to his job and live a normal life. Only your contributions can save his life.

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