This Daily-Wage-Worker Is A Single Mother Struggling to Save Her 8-Year-Old Son From Cancer | Milaap
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This Daily-Wage-Worker Is A Single Mother Struggling to Save Her 8-Year-Old Son From Cancer

“I can’t leave him alone for even a minute because he starts crying. He needs constant care and attention. He’s in so much pain all the time and he gets anxious if I’m not around. He used to be so active. Cancer has taken away everything from him," says Lakshmi, Prajwal's mother.

Prajwal was taken to the doctor when his mother felt a lump in his throat earlier this year. The 8-year-old was diagnosed with a rare cancer of the connective tissue. Lakshmi never imagined her son’s life would completely change overnight. Prajwal started chemotherapy in July and even underwent surgery and even radiation. He is slowly recuperating now but needs 11 more cycles of chemotherapy over the next 6 months for a chance at a full recovery.

His mother is the only one he has

Prajwal was only 9-months-old when his father passed away. Since then, Lakshmi has single-handedly taken care of Prajwal and his older brother (9). Lakshmi works as a construction worker in their hometown of Bhadravati, Karnataka, to help support her family. 

“Prajwal has never known his father, but he keeps asking about him every now and then. He hears his friends talk about their fathers and sometimes feels bad. I tell him he has nothing to worry about as long as I’m around. I’m his mother and father.”

Ever since Prajwal’s diagnosis, he has become even more dependent on Lakshmi. Prajwal’s pain is unbearable, and it’s hard to look past the discomfort on his face. He is happiest in his mother’s arms. Sometimes he’s too weak to even walk on his own, and Lakshmi carries him around everywhere. Once a happy, active young boy, Prajwal’s childhood has been brutally snatched away by cancer.

Prajwal wants to go home again

“My son keeps asking me when he can go home. He cries all day, but I try and keep him motivated. I can see the pain on his face every day and it breaks my heart that there’s nothing I can do to ease his pain instantly.”

Lakshmi is doing all she can to help her son get better again. She has already spent nearly Rs 4 lakhs on his treatment by taking a loan but is now struggling to arrange for funds. For 7 months now, she has been in Ramaiah Hospital, Bangalore for Prajwal’s treatment. She hasn’t been able to work, and all her money is gone. She’s worried that her son won't make it if she can’t pay for his treatment.

Prajwal needs to complete all his chemotherapy cycles to have a chance to survive. He has 11 more cycles left and needs Rs 2.5 lakhs for treatment. Prajwal has a good chance of recovery with treatment. Lakshmi's salary of Rs 250 a day isn't enough to pay for the piling medical bills. With your support, she can bring back the smile on her son's face once again.

How You Can Help

Prajwal has a rare form of cancer called Embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma. He needs 11 more cycles of chemotherapy to get better again. Lakshmi, has exhausted all her funds in paying for his treatment so far. She has single-handedly taken care of Prajwal all his life but now needs your help to save her son from cancer.

Your support will ensure that Prajwal has a childhood again.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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