This Single Mother Struggles to Save Her 8-Year-Old Son From Cancer

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For the last 6 months, 8-year-old Prajwal, son of Lakshmi, has been suffering from a severe form of cancer called Embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma.

It is a a rare histological form of cancer of connective tissue. Prajwal has been undergoing chemotherapy and has even gone through a surgery but despite this the little boy still requires another 4 months of chemotherapy in order to recover. He is slowly recuperating now but needs 11 more cycles of chemotherapy over the next 6 months for a chance at a full recovery.
“I can’t leave him alone for even a minute because he starts crying. He needs constant care and attention. He’s in so much pain all the time and he gets anxious if I’m not around. He used to be so active. Cancer has taken away everything from him," says Lakshmi, Prajwal's mother.

His mother who is his only caretaker after she lost her husband, does not have the funds to save her son and needs our help.

Prajwal was only 9-months-old when his father passed away. Since then, Lakshmi has single-handedly taken care of Prajwal and his older brother (9). Lakshmi works as a construction worker in their hometown of Bhadravati, Karnataka, to help support her family.

Your contribution can give this young boy the treatment he deserves.
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