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This Neighbourhood's Favourite Kid Needs An Urgent Liver Transplant To Live

On the outside, she looks like any other child but only we know that even a small infection can kill her. She used to play with the kids in the neighbourhood and come home only eat and sleep, but now she is confined to the hospital. She begs us to take her outside the ward at least, but it’s too dangerous. She doesn’t know that without an urgent liver transplant, she won’t survive.” - Chitra, Mother

Oviya is loved by everyone in her neighbourhood 

Oviya has always been a very active and cheerful child. She is popular in her neighbourhood and at a very young age, she started singing in the church choir. When Oviya fell sick six months ago and couldn’t go out to play, her friends would come to her house every evening to check on her. But soon her parents a noticed that it wasn’t a regular fever, her skin was turning yellow. When they took her to a local hospital, she was treated for Jaundice. She was tired and lost weight. Her stomach started swelling abnormally. They took her to a hospital in Chennai and heard the most shocking news – her liver is severely damaged. She needs a liver transplant to survive.

Oviya with one of her friends, those happy days when she had no restriction to play

To avoid infections that might make her condition worse, she is confined to a room

The doctors have advised her parents, Chitra and Venkatesan to protect her from infection. A month back, Oviya got a high fever and she had severe body pain. She was vomiting everything she had. She became extremely weak and only after taking a high dosage of medicines and injections, the infections were controlled. It took several weeks for her to become normal again. Since then, they have been extra careful. 

She takes 7 tablets every day and it causes excess drowsiness. When she feels a little better, she asks her parents to take her outside.

"The nurses here taught her to write her name and her brother's name in English. She also learnt to take photos on the phone. She is waiting to show it to her friends. All she wants is to go back home and play. She cries for hours when we refuse to take her out. She is getting weaker by the day, it hurts to see her like this." - Chitra

Even if I work every day for the whole year I can't afford the transplant

Venkatesan is a carpenter and he does not get work on all days of the month. They also have a 4-year-old son who is bedridden and needs physiotherapy. He is already neck deep in debts and spent everything he had for his son's treatment. Oviya's diagnosis came as a big shock to him and he has spent 1 lakh so far by borrowing from his friends. He needs 18 lakh for the transplant. He has no means to afford the transplant and lives in constant fear of losing his daughter.

"My wife is donating her liver. My daughter doesn't even know what is happening, she is hopeful that we'll take her home soon. Please help me save my daughter." - Venkatesan

Together we can save this 6-year-old's life

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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