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An institute that has given India no less than legends seeks help to create 5 more

Most of us limit our understanding of sports to cricket, football and other mainstream sports. Statistics, however indicate that the chunk of India's glory in sports at international events, especially the Olympics, comes from sports like wrestling.

Any mention of wrestling in India would be incomplete without a reference to Guru Hanuman Akhara.

This institute alone has given our nation 19 Arjuna Awardees and 6 Dronacharya Awardees. This akhara has produced wrestlers like Dara Singh, Rajiv Tomer,  Rakesh Goonga and many others. "

Most boys here come from rural places and have a background of farming and agriculture. Their families cannot afford the kind of diet that is crucial to their training," says Maha Singh Rao coach at Guru Hanuman Akhara, Rao himself is a Dronachaya awardee.


Of the young men in the akhara are 5 promising and incredibly talented youngsters:

Sachin Rathi is a 19 year old who has been training since the past 9 years and is an Asia-Cup Medalist. Ravindar, Aryan, Chanchal and Amit are Junior and Cadet Nationalists. These boys have been training since they were infants, and their passion for the sport only grew as they did. Some of their families are still hopeful and supportive, while some are already giving up and suggesting that giving up on their passion and taking up a paid job would be safer alternative.

The boys, however are very far from losing the dream to represent their country at the Olympics. 

Much on their way to bringing great glory to the nation, it is indeed a relief that the coaching is provided to them free of cost.

However, their nutritional requirements are very different from that of the other members of their family, and unfortunately are not affordable to them. All of these boys come from families of farmers and have already taken the first step on their end to pursue their passion.

"It hurts me as a guru to watch these talented boys struggle this way, when they have all it takes to be International players", continues the coach, "but there is no other way they can sustain themselves otherwise."

A diet training has been drawn up for these boys, where the cost for one person, per month is approximately 25,000 rupees. The total cost for this diet training for the 5 boys for a year would be around 15 lakh rupees. This includes a nutritious, well-planned, essential diet with 3 litres of milk, eggs and other necessary sources of nutrition.

"Each of these boys represents the hopes and aspirations of hundreds of families, of entire villages. It is a matter of following your passion and representing your nation internationally, over living on the safe side with a job and salary."

These young boys are capable of bringing great honours to our nation. Their talent and abilities belong to big national and international rings. To them wrestling is not a mere hobby, it is their passion.They are confidently holding on to their dreams despite these struggles. 

Your small gesture of kindness could not only help these five boys, but could also inspire and bring out many more heroes like them.

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