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This 2-year-old's Deadly Liver Condition Makes Her Itch Until She Bleeds, Help Her Stay Alive

This week, my daughter has fever and she hasn't been eating or sleeping well. She has good days and if you see her on those days, you will not know that she is living on borrowed time. If she doesn't get a liver transplant at the earliest, she might not live to celebrate her next birthday. I am an Ayurvedic doctor, feeling lost because I cannot afford to save my own child's life!
Nidhi has liver cirrhosis and she needs a liver transplant to live 

For 3 years, her condition has been slowly killing her

My daughter was born with a liver condition. In just three years, her liver has become completely damaged and she now has liver cirrhosis. The liver is an organ critical for good health and immunity – our daughter who has done nothing wrong falls sick every week because her liver is failing. 

Every morning my wife and I wake up and rush to our daughter's room because she needs monitoring. When she wakes up, she is struck by a bout of itching because of her liver disease. Nidhi starts to scratch often opening previous older scabs and making herself bleed.

We have to explain to need why she needs to stop itching

On the days she is better, she plays with her toys all day. Talking to them – being the one in charge in her little imaginary world. When I come back home from work, she runs up to me asking to play. She brings toffees or coins to me asking me to hide them so she can find it. She is learning new words and loves playing Marathi word games. 

My wife spends all her time taking care of Nidhi. When we visit the doctor and meet other children with liver disease, we realise that our daughter is not so emaciated. She has a very good chance of getting better if only we are able to step up and save her. 

Although I am a doctor, I feel like a failure unable to help my own child

I work in an ayurvedic hospital and I am caught in the worst predicament. I am from a middle-class family and am not entitled to any aid. But I do not have the resources or the connections to fund a liver transplant on my own. For months, we worried over what to do – crowdfunding is our only hope.

Nidhi is such a sweet, happy child who takes so much delight in the world around her. I need to arrange Rs 16.5 lakhs to save the life of this angel. The amount far beyond my means. Having given this child life – now I am pained that I am snatching away her right to live because of my own poverty.

I have a degree in Ayurvedic medicine and work in a government hospital in Parbhani, Maharashtra. I earn Rs 25,000 every month and am finding it hard to even keep up regular treatment. As it is now, I have borrowed from every friend and family member who will lend to me.

Nidhi is my only child and I will be deeply grateful for any help I get in saving her life. 

–Deshmukh Nagnath

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