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This 6-Year-Old's Heart May Fail Any Second Unless She Gets An Urgent Surgery

My little girl will close her eyes at any moment. Her disease is in the final stage and her condition is very critical. She should have undergone surgery 10 days ago, but she is still in the house instead of operation theatre. I worked day and night but still could make only Rs100 a day, with that I struggled to buy medicines. Now death is nearing and I don’t have a rupee in hand, this is my last chance to save my daughter, please help me,” pleads Pichaiah, Nandhini’s father.

6-year-old Nandini can breathe her last at any moment 

Nandini is suffering from large posterior mid muscular VSD shunting, a hole in the heart and increased blood pressure in the right ventricle and heavy pulmonary blood flow. She urgently needs an open heart surgery to close the hole in her heart. Without immediate surgery the parents will lose their little daughter soon.

When I place my hand on her chest I can feel her heart rate is faster than ever. Even if she stands for a minute or more she gets tired and quickly lounges on bed. Whenever she suddenly places a hand on her chest in pain, shivers pass down my spine. Her cough and cold are only making it worse. Her brother plays outdoors and Nandini loves to join him but now all she is able to do is watch him play with tears in her eyes. For a mother it is unbearable to see her in pain like this,” - Lalitha, Nandini’s mother.

Nandini has been struggling from the day she came into this world

Nandini was born with deformity of right forearm, wrist and hand. She was named handicapped by the relatives, Lalitha and her husband were left disheartened but were determined to raise their child healthy and fit to face any challenge. Even before they could gather their wits, doctors told that the baby has a hole in the heart and requires surgery. The poor couple worked hard everyday to save her but even before they realised the disease reached final stage.

“A month ago my child suffered severe cold and cough and her heart rate rapidly increased, When we immediately rushed to Chennai, they said she should undergo surgery within 20 days. We went door to door for help, but in vain nobody paid heed to our cry because she is a handicap. From that day onwards, I cannot sleep in the night, I eagerly keep waiting for my girl to open her eyes in the morning,” - Lalitha.

This poor couple is left penniless and are desperately looking for help 

Pichaiah is a daily wage labourer who barely earns Rs 100 a day and Lalitha works only on the days Nandini is well to go to school and earns Rs 50 a day. With this very little income they were trying to feed their children and purchase medicines for their daughter. They spent all their savings on medical tests and left with nothing to save their girl and the open heart surgery costs 3 lakhs.

“Ever since the day we got to know that our child is fighting death, I am trying to save at least one rupee a day. But her medicines alone cost me 10 times more than what I can afford. I have borrowed time and again to keep her alive. Its already been late and we cannot wait for another day to pass. The disease can kill her any second. I beg you to help me save my little girl," - Pichaiah.

With every passing minute Nandini is nearing to death, you can save this innocent soul with your kind contribution.

Supporting Document 

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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