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Help 2-Month-Old Naksh Who Turns Completely Blue And Stops Breathing Every Time He Cries

“My baby would start crying, breathe extremely fast, and then suddenly stop breathing. His face would turn blue. We realized our baby was unwell, but we didn’t think his life was in danger.”
Instead of being in his parents' arms, Naksh wakes up alone in the ICU every day. His parents are shattered. They haven’t been able to hold their newborn baby in weeks. They take turns to stay in the waiting area at the hospital, saddened that their baby is going through so much pain and suffering all alone. He needs to be on the ventilator until he is healthy enough to go back home.

Baby Naksh's Parents Are Waiting To Hold Him In Their Arms Again

Baby Naksh was barely 2-months-old when he was diagnosed with a serious heart condition. He underwent an open-heart surgery, but was admitted to the ICU soon after for pneumonia in his left lung. He has been fighting for his life on ventilator support ever since. Naksh needs to remain in the ICU for another 7-10 days to get better.

“We were so excited to welcome our first child into the world. Never did I think that this is what would happen instead. My wife has stopped eating and is constantly stressed. We haven’t slept in weeks because we’re scared that our son will stop breathing at any moment,” says the baby's father Kartik.

Naksh has complex congenital heart disease. He has been on a ventilator ever since his open-heart surgery. He now has pneumonia in his left lung. Naksh is responding to the antibiotics given to him for pneumonia. However, his only fighting chance at survival is ICU support for the next 7-10 days.

They Will Be Forced To Stop Treatment If They Can't Pay For It

Karthik was shocked to find out that his newborn baby had such a serious heart disease. He immediately took him from Gwalior to Delhi for treatment where an emergency surgery was performed on him.

“He’s so small. I didn’t even know it was possible for a baby his age to have a heart disease. We haven’t got any time with our little baby, we can’t lose him now. “

Naksh had an open-heart surgery on November 17. Karthik and his wife borrowed from family, sold all their jewellery and somehow collected Rs 2 Lakhs for treatment. However, that isn’t enough. They need another 4 Lakhs to be able to keep Naksh in the ICU and provide him with further treatment.

“If I can’t pay the hospital bills, Naksh won’t live. He needs to be on the ventilator till the infection decreases. I’m only a clerk working in an office. How will I afford such a large sum of money? We’ve left everything behind at home. We don’t have a place to stay or even clothes to wear here. We’ve spent everything we have on his treatment.”

How You Can Help

Baby Naksh is fighting hard to beat the disease, and will only be able to make it if he’s under ICU support for the next few days. Karthik is struggling to make ends meet and keep his baby in the ICU. Karthik hopes that his baby is soon safe in their arms again. However, his father has exhausted all his savings on his surgery and treatment so far, and can’t afford to pay for the expenses anymore.

Your support will ensure that Baby Naksh makes it in the big world and lives the life he deserves.    

Supporting Documents  

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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